You Can Use Instagram Without The App, So Don’t Worry About Data Anymore

Instagram is blowing our social media mindsright now.

The photo platformjust rolled out a new way to upload images to your page, so get ready for more #OOTD and #dogstagramhashtags.

Your feed is aboutto get a lot busier.


You know, posting those selfies isnt as easy as it looks. Theres a lot of work involved.

Sometimes, thereare major holdups while posting the cute pet picswe all adore likewhen you try accessing your Instagram app, only to find that its cleaning after youve done yet iOS update.

Do you ever wish you could just skip the app altogether?

If so, your pictureprayers have been answered, darlings.

Now, Instagram is the younger child listening to its parents( Facebook) by following suit and allowing users to share pics on Instagram.coms mobile site.

By doing this, users wouldforgo the app entirely( if they choose to do so ).

An Instagram spokesperson talked to Mashable and said,

Its designed to help people have a fuller experience on Instagram no matter what device or network they are on.

This will reportedly help the appreach new users and get Instagram past the billion-user mark.

That definitely leaves room for more activity on the essential social mediaplatform.

Lets examine the benefits, shall we?

Reports provetraveling is up among millennials because of their desire to post their whereabouts on social media, so its benefiting the tourism industry for sure.

No need to thank us, only maintain traveling and posting.

Apparently, Instagram can help with your diet, too.

According to a study from the University of Washington, sharing pictures of your workout or meals will likely motivate users and help them gratify their goals faster.

Again, youre greet( though you probably shouldnt be following my Instagram for healthy food inspo because youre just going to find ice cream and my Sunday-night sauce ).

And naturally, Instagram is the perfect marketing tool for businesses, as reported last summer by The Huffington Post.

So with all of these perks, its no wonder the company decided to increase the ways in which users can share their photos.

In the name of this terrificnews, allow me to share a few photos of my puppies, because #dogstagram.

Happy posting, everyone.

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