Yoga With Cats Is Surprisingly Very Relaxing

They hiss, and meow. They attack toes, hairties and ponytails. They run across rooms and hallways for no reason. And yet, cats have a weirdly enough relaxing presence when it is necessary to yoga class.


Via: Meow Parlour

“Yoga is about being in the moment” said Amy Apgar, one of two yoga teachers at Meow Parlour.

Meow Parlour is a shelter and cafe down in lower Manhattan that also offers yoga class with cats. The yoga sessions are mostly for fun and relaxation, but it also helps when trying to find all the cats a fun and loving home.


Via: Meow Parlour

The cats will either sit and observe or walk around while you do yoga. And for the ones who want to get in a few snuggles, well they will start to climbing, sit on you, and demand to be pet( in a very tender way)

Yoga participants are warned against bringing their own mats, which are likely to see some claw-induced damage.


Via: Meow Parlour

It’s a chance for people to insure a different and more peaceful side of cats. And what better than to relax than practise yoga.

The question of won’t cats be disturbing and merely amuse themselves with knocking over peoples water bottles or scratching at the yoga mats? To the astound of many, the cats actually join in. Stretching for tummy rubs or even getting in to a large downward puppy stance. And actually … would there be anything cuter to insure ?!

So if you’re in the Lower Manhattan area, be sure to check out Meow Parlour!

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