What is the piece of pop culture we all require right now?

Everything from 1984 to La La Land has been called the thing we need right now, but what is the definitive answer? We take a forensic look at the situation

We need The Handmaids Tale right now. And dont just take my term for it. Look at the headlines. The Handmaids Tale is the prestige miniseries we need right now, says Yahoo. The Handmaids Tale is just the book we need to see on-screen right now says Bustle. A Handmaids Tale is the dystopian warn we need right now, says some blog Ive never heard of.

From this, we can assume one of two things. First, The Handmaids Tale is an important and timely piece of culture that we actually do need right now. Alternatively, the fad for proclaiming that things are what we need right now desperately needs to stop. For example, heres a listing of things that people have recently claimed are what we need right now. They cant all be what we need right now, so which of these things that we need right now do we most need right now? Heres a ranking, from things that we need least right now to things that we need most need right now.

La La Land

La La Land: in retrospect, maybe not. Photograph: Allstar/ LIONSGATE

La La Land is the feel-good film we all require right now said GQ, which is one of the worst thing we need right now wrongdoers. Oh God. In retrospect, its becoming evident that we didnt need La La Land at all. Sure, its a nice film. Sure, it was a deliberate throwback to a more innocent time that starred two beautiful people demonstrating undeniable chemistry. Sure, I went to see it with my mother and we both enjoyed it. But would I trade a world with no La La Land for a world where nobody wrote tedious La La Land thinkpieces accusing it of everything from racism to unchecked male entitlement? Good lord, in a heartbeat. Still, at the least La La Lands producer Jordan Horowitz is the truth-teller we need right now, so thats something.


Why Orwells 1984 matters so much now, said the Washington Post. Appear around you, human, your idiot friend has almost definitely said at some phase this year. 1984 has finally come true, thanks to Donald Trump. But wait. People told me that 1984 had finally come true in 2016. And in 2014. And in 2013. And in 2006. And in 1999. And in actual 1984. And pretty much any other time in the past when something has gone wrong and a journalist has wanted to compare it to something, even though theyve only ever read one volume in their entire lives.

Damn by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar: merely an album that happens to be out right now? Photo: Polydor

The album we need right now, according to GQ again. Why do we need to hear Damn right now? Because its the follow-up to one of the best albums in recent years? Because Kendrick Lamar has sharpened his career to the point that its now a perfect balance of musical risk-taking and voice-of-a-generation lyricism? Or is it just because its an album that happens to be out now, which devotes journalists an opportunity to write about someone other than Ed Sheeran for a change? Also, Damn features U2, which is arguably a sign that we dont actually need it right now. Or ever, for that are important.

Hidden Figures

Why Hidden Figures is the movie we need right now said Teen Vogue, adding This is so important for kickings. Is Hidden Figures the film we need right now? Well , no, plainly, because the cinema we need right now is one that emits a steady cloudburst of carbon monoxide gas from the screen so that we all end up blissfully dead by the time the credits roll. But is it a film that went some way to redressing the balance of history? Yes. Is it a movie that provided a necessary counterpoint to the Oscars tendency to whitewash itself? Yes. Is it fun? Yes. Is it worth watching more than once? Look, three out of four isnt bad.

The Americans

Matthew Rhys, left, and Keri Russell in The Americans, a display you might actually actually need right now. Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/ AP

Why The Americans abruptly feels more timely than ever said Rolling Stone. OK, they might actually have a point this time. The Americans has always been one of the very best shows on television but, between all the dense plotting and silly wigs, its been quite a tough sell. But accusations of real-life Russian intervention in American politics has abruptly thrust this weird little show about Russian intervention in American politics into the zeitgeist. The Americans really is the depict you should be watching right now.

A video of some young person rapping about vegetables

Kids rapping about healthy food is the truth we need right now said Organic Authority. That said, full marks to Organic Authority for telling it like it really is. This really is the video we all need to see right now. Not because its well made or especially informative although it is both of those but because its a five-minute video of some children rapping about vegetables, and as a result has nothing to do with this increasingly dystopian hellride well all stuck on and helpless to change. Its a brief but pleasant distraction, which easily induces it the most necessary thing on this list.

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