Viral Search To Find Woman Who Lost Her GoPro At Mount Etna

Losing your possessions on holiday is an nasty thing to go through, particularly when it is your camera. If you lose your camera; you lose all your photos, which depending on the occasion, can be priceless. Sadly, this is what happened to one unlucky girl on her holiday to Sicily, in southern Italy. She lost her GoPro camera on the side of Mount Etna during a hike, and it was found by a stranger who began searching for her online.

Julius Senkus, the man who found the camera, took to an online forum to write a post go looking for the owner of the device. He began his post explaining why “hes in” Italy( he was on his honeymoon) and why in particular, they had chosen to hike Mount Etna. “Me and my spouse got married on June 17 th. For ages we had a plan to go to Sicily on our honeymoon. And we did. Since very first moment we were in love with everything: people, language, food, sights, nature etc. One of our goals in this trip-up was to climb Etna volcano. Moving to the point of this story we climbed Etna on June 20 th. During this day we were very excited about our journey, changes in our lives, beauty of volcano which by the way wasnt the easiest thing to climb to. But its worth the effort as Etna is something out of this world, it seemed like strolling different planet or a moon.” Julius says that him and his wife were walking back from the highest point of the volcano when they found an iPhone on the floor, luckily they rapidly saw the girl who was looking for the phone and handed it over. However, they then stumbled across a GoPro on the floor, but couldn’t see anyone go looking for that, so he went online to try and find the owner instead.

Writing on his post, Julius says:

“On our style back from the highest point of Etna we observed Iphone, but immediately ensure a girl looking for something so owner was found instantly. But like after next hundred steps we considered GoPro camera on the ground and this time there were no people looking for it. We strolled with it all the way back in our hands, asking people if they havent lost one, but with no success. All the way we considered what to do with it either to leave at lost and detected or try to find its owners on our own. One thing we knew that we dont want to keep something we dont own. And people who lost it havent lost merely a camera but it had all their precious memories and photos. We were so happy with our Sicily experience and we thought it was unfair someone has bad one and we want to return their camera to bring back exhilaration to them.” Julius then posted a few photos from the camera that the owner had taken, in the hope that someone would recognise her and help return the device. Amazingly, it ran! A user by the name of Carla B says that it was her camera and that she climbed the volcano twice while trying to look for it. What a lovely little tale that truly shows the power of the internet. Fairplay to Julius for not just taking the camera for himself, and instead actively attempting out who it belonged to. If you want to read about some more good Samaritans, check out this guy who got his ID returned alongside a hilarious letter .~ ATAGEND

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