This Talented Mom Goes To Epic Lengths When She Wants Her Son To Eat His Veggies

Like most parents, Laleh Mohmedi has trouble get her child to eat his veggies.

After all, what’s so fun about munching on carrots when cookies exist? It’s that fun factor that her little guy, Jacob, felt was lacking whenever she laid out plates full of whole grains, fruits, and veggies.

For that reason, Mohmedi now taps into her creative side to give her son the healthy foods he needs. By turning avocados, whole-grain waffles, buzzer peppers, and so many more healthy staples into works of art, this crafty mommy is able to introduce Jacob to the wonderful world of nutrition while blowing his mind( and everyone else’s) in the process. That’s how her Jacob’s Food Diaries Instagram account was bear. Check out some of her cutest creations below!

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