This One’s For The Tinder F* ckboy

This is for the Tinder f* ckboy. The guy who started off as simply a hookup, but somehow caught feelings for a girl. Who spent time getting to know her, fulfilling their own families, falling.

Who told her about his fears, his dreamings. Who stayed up late sharing tales, laughing, opening. Who brought her into his life beyond the bedroom. Then told her those three little terms that change everything. And she believed them. Dont we all?

She let him in, piece by piece, day by day into her friendships and relationships, her work, her schemes, routines, and homemade dinners. Eventually into her home.

And then he destroyed her.

First it was the messages. Then it was the pictures. Then it was used to identify that she wasnt the only girl on his to-do listing, on his agenda, in his schemes, though he wove a beautiful story of their future love.

Yeah, this is for the Tinder f* ckboy. The one that broke my best friends heart. And the ones that have rent the rug out from under other girls, girls with dreams and innocent eyes: You are cowards. All of you .

Youre cheap excuses for men who play with the hearts of status of women you dont deserve. You worm your style into lives, into homes, into minds, and into bodies of women whose ability to love and forgive is far greater than youll ever comprehend. They shouldnt have given you a second glance.

They should have swiped left.

Youre pathetic . For remaining guarded, for mistrusting, for accusing the girls you claim to care about for doing the exact thing you are. For lying, cheating, scheming. For being a worthless, less-than human. Youre pathetic . For playing mind games, for being too afraid of real impressions that you have to hurt first to protect yourself, for wasting beautiful womens time. For wasting space. Youre pathetic . For living a double life, for always needing a backup scheme, for thinking that you could do better. For letting a girl foolishly believe that you could be anything more than a one-night stand.

Youre a Tinder f* ckboy. These females should have known better. They were aware, at the start, what they were get into. They knew the rules of our unattached societymeaningless sex, go and leavebut you changed the game. You made these women catch feelings. You spun them a web of lies and they got caught in it. You strung them along. You placed them in the center of your life, held them with string until they were so perfectly vulnerable. Then you let go.

Youre a Tinder f* ckboy. And thats all youll ever be. A boy without a backbone. A boy who doesnt deserve love. And for my best friends sake, for the sake of all the broken girls, I sincerely hope you never find it.

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