This New ‘Napercise’ Gym Class Is The Best Reason To Skip The Elliptical

If you havent been napping at the gym, it turns out youre doing this exercise thingall wrong.

You dont believe me?Take a look at the Napercisegym class for yourself.I challenge you to find a workout routine thats more satisfying than catching some zs.

Why break a sweat when you can get cozy under a blanket, right?

Toodaloo, elliptical. See ya never.


Napercise is mostly geared toward new parents who cant seem to catch a break butit also sounds for themillennial with bizarre work shifts, crazy commutes or booked-solid class schedules.

David Lloyd Clubs describes the reason behind its napping class on the gymswebsite, and I guarantee youre going to lovethe sound of it.

A description of thenapping class says,

Napercise is scientifically designed to reinvigorate the mind, improve moods and even burn the odd calorie.

The frantic nature of modern life means that few of us seem to get enough sleep, and if youre a parent, [a good nights rest] becomes even more of a luxury.

The development of Napercise is inspired by past academic studies into the important health benefits that napping in the day can bring.

Whether you have a kid or not, boosting yourmental and physical well-being sounds like a pretty solidplan.

Im sure you dont really need any further convincing, but lets break down the class, shall we?

After roughly 15 minutes of stretching (Im personally not inclined to do more than that, anyway) gym goers/nappers are given 45 minutes to snooze with their eye masks, blankets and comfy beds.

To add to the experience, the room is set to an ideal temperature for slumber, to maximize the workout.

The class sounds heavenly, considering the fact our normal workout temperature is a combination of heat, stuffiness and sweat.

If youre ready to sign up for Napercise, we certainly cant blame you but there is issue. David Lloyd Clubs are based in the UK.

Heres to hoping someone in the US sees this video and gets inspired by the brilliant workout plan.

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