This Is One Of The Most Unhealthy Foods In The World. After Insuring How It’s Made? Yuck!

If you are American, youve no doubt experienced the popularity of hot dog.

They are everywhere, especially during the summer months. Run to a ballgame, you have to get a hot dog. Go to the park, there will be a hot dog vendor. Even many of the big box stores will set up outdoor hot dog stands during the summer months. Hot puppies are devoured like crazy, and you may have had hundreds or thousands of them in your lifetime. Regrettably, current realities of the hot dog is one you probably dont want to know about, but definitely need to know about. Despite the popularity, in reality hot dog are plain nasty. These mass created meat are filled with nasty additives, jacked up with corn syrups, animal fats, and the notoriously unhealthy MSGs. To add insult to injury, some of the nasty stuff isnt even listed on the labels. So its kind of like a grab bag of additives as no one is really sure what exactly they are eating!

Usually its a mix of meats like pork, beef, and chicken that go into stimulating hot dog. There are also all-beef franks as well. The best bet is seeing healthy forms of hot dogs usually found at a healthy food store which focuses on local food options and organics. Yes, they will be more fund, but you will be saving your body a whole lot of damage by not ingesting the typical hot dog. That damage will add up to costly medical bills in the end!

So this summer, try to avoid one of the most unhealthy foods ever, and seek out healthy dogs. Check out this video and you will be totally convinced. Its very important to know what you are eating!

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[ youtube https :// watch? v= 2NzUm7UEEIY]

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