This Crazy-Cool Amusement Park Is Nearly 400 -Feet Underground

The other day I was talking to a friend, I knew his grandmother was in ill health so I said to him “ How’s you’re Nan, Charlie ? ” he looked at me and said “ She’s six feet under, mate . ” I naively presumed she was dead and consoled him … turns out she was just a 60 th of the way to Salina Turda Durgu amusement park .

Yes that’s right, in Romania there’s an amusement park 368 -feet underground. Back in the 17 th century it was just a lowly salt mine where it’s main attraction was copious sums of salt, presumably. But in 2009 it get renovated into the wicked-cool tourist attraction that it is today…

As you attain your way down to the park, you get to see the beauty of the mine. With its walls of salt and it’s floors of salt and, let’s not forget, its ceilings of salt. Steak sandwich a little bit dry? Merely rub it on the closest surface and enjoy the salty goodness( don’t ).

Perhaps the best thing about it, though( other than it’s features that includea huge ferris wheel, mini golf course, amphitheater and sports arena ), is the price to get in- 3.50 !!

The answer to the question on your lips is, yes, the temperature does remain at a steady 10 C and the humidity is around 80% …

Have a look at the virtual tour with it’s ever so somewhat intrusive euro-pop anthem-style dubbing and BE AMAZED!

It looks really cool but it stimulates you wonder, you goes that far underground only to have a game of pool? Also is it as easy to breathe down there as you’d hope? Burning questions that need answering…

What do you think? Fancy a visit? Let us know in the comments !

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