These Celebrities Are WAY Smarter Than You

A lot of people think that celebrities they ensure on the big screen or hear on the radio are merely pretty facesyou know, all seems and no substance or the incarnation of the characters they portray. But that would be incorrect, my friends, as many famous faces are actually of superior intelligence.

Whats a genius IQ? That would be over 140, with 120 -1 40 being very superior intelligence and 110 -1 99 being of superior intelligence. Here are some smart celebs that have both brains and talent.


Sharon Stone 154

The actressportrayed a stunning, highly intelligent writer with a psychology degree in Basic Instinct , which wasn’t that far of a stretch.


Kesha 140

She makes beautiful mental music in thatshe scored a whopping 1500 out of 1600 on her SATs and turned down a scholarship to Barnard College to pursue her dream of music.


Tommy Lee Jones 135

Along with being an actor and Nobel prize, he was actually was roommates with Al Gore at Harvard University.