These Are The Trendiest Food To Eat( And Instagram) In NYC Right Now

Guys, it’s no secret New York City has one of the best, most extensive food scenes in the world.

You can pretty much get anything your belly would ever dream of and if you think you’ve fabricated some intricate concoction, 94 percent of the time it’s been did before( rough estimation ).

If you live here, though, you also know it can be pretty overwhelming trying to keep up with the newest trends and where the spots to feed right now are — especially because there are five boroughs to consider.

Luckily, twice a year restaurants from all over the city with some of the most creative and drooled-over menu items convene for a month of Mad. Sq. Eats.

Now in its ninth year, the event is a highly-selective mini mecca for NYC’s most up-to-date dining, situated right in front of the Flatiron Building( the perfect backdrop for all the posts we know you’ll put up on Instagram because who cares if your food gets cold or a pigeon sh* ts on it in the process? You transgressed triple-digit likes !).

So, if you’re feeling a little lost and in need of some mealtime inspiration, there’s no better place to appear than right next to Madison Square Park.

Elite Daily got the chance to head over to the pop-up market and check out some of the most original and needless to say — delicious NYC foods available this month.

Take a seem below at the most recent astounding feeds you should be trying.

Big Eye Tuna Poke Nachos

Everyone in my office is preoccupied with poke — if you’re unfamiliar, it’s pronounced “poh-kee.”

It severely seems like poking came out of nowhere and no one ever wants to get a regular ol’ sandwich at lunch anymore.

If you want to be in the~ cool~ lunch crew at work( which, clearly, I am not ), go get your hands on some ofGotham‘s poke nachos.

Bacon-Wrapped Avocado Fries

Um, basically, Masa — a new Tamalaria concept — took everyone’s two favorite things and put them on a toothpick. Bacon, avocado and nothing stuck in your teeth! What else could you want?

Cheesy Lobster Fries

Lobster rolls are great and all … butRed Hook Lobster Poundadded cheesy fries into the mix, and everything is better with cheese.

Carnitas Masala Lentil Dosa Waffle

Indayproves feeing good food and feeing healthy food isn’t a one-or-the-other situation.

The waffle itself is vegan and gluten free, so your diet doesn’t “re going to have to” fly out the window when you go out to eat.

Rice Balls

Arancini Broscreated little rice balls that somehow each savour like an entire snack. Although the options change, some we watched on the menu included: cheeseburger, pizzaiola, Philly cheesesteak, spinach and ricotta and Nutella.

Chocolate, Banana and Strawberry Crpe

OK, so this dessert may not be particularly innovative in terms of ingredients, butBar Suzettehas really mastered the crpe.

Also, the cardboard cone is a really nice touch if you’re a slob on the move like me.

Sidney Hot Dog and Huli Huli Chicken Sandwich

Let me explain.

Ono Hut by Asia Dog‘s Sidney Dog is built with mango slaw, red onion, cilantro, cucumber and peanuts, while the Huli Huli has a chicken patty with pickled pineapple, relish, teriyaki, provolone, lettuce and tomato on Hawaiian bread.

“Seduction” Ice Cream Sandwich

Melt Bakery offers four assortments of ice cream sandwiches at Mad. Sq. Eats, with one of those slots reserved for a constantly-rotating seasonal flavor( the bakery itself offers more options ).

The flavor of the moment, “Seduction, ” has doubled chocolate cookies with espresso ice cream.

Ice& Vice and Squish Marshmallows Collaboration

Ice& Vice teamed up with Squish Marshmallowsfor a dessert collaboration that actually savours like heaven and will f* ck up any diet you’re trying to keep because you’ll end up eating 15. But it’s worth it.

The #MadSqEatsspring market runnings until May 27 from 11 am to 9 pm daily and will be back September 10 to October 7 with a new lineup.

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