There’s Actually A Way To Trick Your Mind Into Eating Less Pizza

Not that I understand why youd want to do this, but here is a trick to make yourself eat less pizza.

A bunch of dumb, stupid science monsters, who clearly dont understand the concept of pizza, published a study in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Researchclaiming they figured out a way for you to scarf down fewer saucy slices of delicious za.

According to this betrayalstudy, you can actually trick your brain into thinking slices are bigger by eating pizza on a larger table.Thus, youll eat less pizza when it’s served on a big table comparedto when you eat pies off a smaller table.

UHHHH. No, thank you. Im going to continue eating pizza off old Pogs and Hanukkah geltI find in my room.

For the study, researchers took four pies of the same size and either sliced them into 16ths or eighths (i.e. small and regularslices) and placed them on smallor largetables.

What the researchers found was interesting. On small tables, subjects were convinced the pizza was smaller, so they ate twice as many slices to get to what they viewed the normal amount to be.

On the reverse side, people eating at larger tables thought smaller slices were closer to regular-sized slices and, thus, ate less pizza.

This research is pretty sound, but the researchers forgot two majorequations: less pizza < more pizza,and more pizza = (happy, fun, good times + high fives) x yum-yums.

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