The Love Of Your Life Will Make You Want To Punch Yourself In The Throat Sometimes

Love isnt a one-way ticket to Happily Ever After because there is no such place.

There is no magical land where everyone gets along all the timewhere lucidity arrives only in time to prevent peoplefrom saying and doing nasty things. Where couples are protected from each other and from the world at large. Where no one gets hurt, acts like an asshole, or experiences pain.

But thats okay! You dont need a fairytale ending, let alone a fairytale life.

What you need are participating who gets itwho understands that its going to be tough and whos preparedto dive inanyway . Someone who will wade through Lifes darkest, ugliest bits right alongside you and admit that they were a shithead that time they said that thing they only half-meant, in retrospect. There will be relationship aches no matter how much you adore each otherno matter how much fund you haveor how successful you are professionally or how much fun you have on weekday nights, sitting at home doing nothing in your pjs. There will be rocky patches no matter how often you laugh together or how many sacrifices you attain on each other’sbehalf or how many milestones you reach as a couple . There will be tough timeswhen you least expect them, and predicaments you canactually consider charging at you from miles back, snowballing in implication on their all-too-predictable pathtobombardment.

Love isnt always fun. It doesnt matter how compatible you are, how often you induce each other smile, or how wowed you are by each others general awesomeness.

Each and every single one of us sucks as a human sometimes, and the world is a place where things can go horribly wrong , no matter how good of a person you are. Thesebrutal truthsimpact your relationship .

There will be days when you wake up feeling wretched for no particular reason and the kind, compassionate, motivated individual who usually gazes back at you in the mirror is replaced by a grumpy, bitter, intolerant darknes incapable ofbeingaloving partner. On other occasions, the world will catapult some unwelcome crisis in your direction and the challenge of handling it will overwhelm you to the point that you only cant deal and your relationship will suffer as a result.

You and your significant other fail each other sometimes.

You will fail to understand one another and you will drive one another insane and you will reduce yourselves to behavior that later loathes you . You will treat each other like shit, and it might take hours or even days or months before youre able to see clearlybefore you canreach deepinsideyourselves and admit that you werebeing totaljerk-faces and finally apologize. Before you can rectify that sense of loving trust that brought you together in the first placethat which holds you together, sometimes only by a thread, whenshit reaches the proverbial fan. The thing is, the pain youcause one another is rooted in beauty on some level . Because themore you love someone, the more vulnerable you are to them. Theharder you fall for someone, the more you empowerthem. The more you treasure thattrulyspecial connect, the more likely “youre gonna have to” aching when things go awry.

The person you promise eternally to will break your heart in small but meaningful styles again and again and again.

But around the corner from every heartbreak isrenewed strengthas long as you’re committedto learning from each and every misstep.If you takethe time to assess what went wrongto figure out why that massive fight was actually inevitableand do the work to attain things right, you will me more than okay. If you trust that every mishap is an opportunity to move forward with yet more knowledgeabout yourself, your lover, and life in generalyouwillgrow stronger, wiser, andmore powerfulas a couple .

So expectrelationship difficulties. Themore prepared you are for the reality that you experience problems, the very best positionedyou willbetofight for your relationship’s survival. Make no mistake: You have to fight.

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