The delightful reason Emma Watson is hiding volumes on the metro.

You know what’s the most fun? Reading.

GIF via “iCarly.”

Just ask active reader and badass feminist celebrity Emma Watson.

Watson loves reading so much, she started a volume club last January to inspire others to join her in her preoccupation.

Watson’s book club is called “Our Shared Shelf” and features inspiring tales of women( often written by girls) attaining great things and overcoming great odds. To join the club, all you have to do is check the list for what the club is currently reading, pick up a transcript, and dive in. It’s that simple.

The club’s latest volume is “Mom& Me& Mom” by Maya Angelou .

Watson knows reading isn’t always people’s first tendency, especially in this day and age when the digital world is often all-consuming.

But don’t worry, she has a plan to change that.

She’s been secretly concealing volumes with personal, handwritten notes all over the London subway system.

How awesome is that ?? Imagine: You’re on your route to run, listening to music or whatever, when out of nowhere, a cool book catches your eye. When you open it, it happens to have a note from Emma Watson written just for you!

It’s like find Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, merely better because it comes with two amazing narratives you can keep with you forever how you procured it, and the book itself.

Here’s a visual clue of one hiding place from the crafty lady.

@booksontheunderground @oursharedshelf #Mom& Me& Mom

A video posted by Emma Watson (@ emmawatson) on

It’s like a magical treasure hunt, and who better to lead it than the woman who played Hermione Granger, aka the queen of reading?

According to a recent Pew Research Center analyze, young adults in America( 18 -2 9) are reading more than any other other age demographic.

This may have something to do with the uptick in the number of young adult volumes out there right now. Those super-accessible and relatable narratives have young adults reading voraciously, which means the written word is far from dead.

Emma Watson, aside from her volume club, is an icon of the young adult book furor because of her role in the “Harry Potter” movies. Perhaps now that she’s find such a cool route to connect with people over read( both on the metro and online ), she’ll inspire many more people to jump back on the reading develop and rediscover what magic can come out of opening a book.

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