The Best Hotels For Sleep In The U.S.

Sleep is essential to travel. Many of us embark on trips with visions of unplugging, detoxing from digital devices and truly, genuinely relaxing for once — and we crave lodgings that are able to help us do so.

A whole bevy of U.S. resort brands and individual hotels are placing a newly-invigorated focus on sleep, with options for those seeking luxury and those sticking to a budget. From specialty mattresses to WiFi-free programs to curated menus that deliver all sorts of bedtime tools and treats, these properties are a happy reminder that sleep is important … and that it’s a very important part of travel.

The Four Seasons
Various places across the U.S.
The luxury sleep experience makes its peak at U.S. Four Seasons hotels, where heat-absorbing mattresses maintain you still when your partner moves during the night. Rooms are soundproofed, and turndown service can include tea, temperature control and soft music. The personnel even has a special sheet-folding technique that allows guests to easily wiggle their feet, so they never feel too tightly tucked in.

MGM Grand Hotel& Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
MGM’sStay Well rooms feature air purification, Vitamin C infused rains, aromatherapy and healthy food menus. Soft, warm lighting minimizes disruption to circadian rhythms so guests can get a consistent night’s sleep. There’s subtle red lighting at night so as not to suppress melatonin levels, and dawning simulators wake guests naturally in the morning.

Hotel Saint Cecilia
Austin , Texas
Here, guests can hit the hay on a Hstens bed, known as one of the most luxurious beds in the world. At up to $ 60,000 in expense, the Swedish-made, horse-hair stuffed mattresses ooze luxury: simply laying on one will drive you toward a dreamy night’s sleep. The hotel features merely five suites — along with studios and bungalows — for a delightfully relaxing atmosphere that promoted restfulness.

Starwood Hotels& Resorts
Various locations
Starwood’s Westin hotels are famous for their Heavenly Bed, with an all-white design, 300 -thread-count Egyptian cotton bedding, five pillows, three sheets and a custom-designed mattress. It’s so beloved, in fact, that 100,000 guests have already bought beds for their homes. Future features at Starwood hotels might include illuminating that adjusts guests’ circadian rhythms and bedroom walls that look like forests.

Hilton Hotels and Resorts
Various locations
Hiltons specialized Canopy Bed has fabric that governs hot flowing and wicks moisture from the body. Given that sleeping in a cooler surrounding leads to better remainder, the bed also incorporates memory foam infused with Microsupport gel that reduces pressure and heat build-up in the body overnight.

Miraval Resort
Tucson, Arizona
Here, luxury rooms feature Good Night LED bulb, which reduce blue illumination exposure to better maintain your bodys natural sleep cycle. The resort consulted with a sleep expert to outfit rooms with the bulb, which use the same light-filtering technology developed for cosmonauts in space.

The Benjamin Hotel
New York, New York
Sleep medicine expert Rebecca Robbins results the Rest& Renew program, which induces sleep this hotel’s top priority. Not merely are there wake-up calls, but concierges place “work-down” calls, too — they’ll ring you an hour before bedtime, with a reminder to shut off devices and prepare for sleep. Don’t forget the pillow menu, sleep masks, blackout curtains, white noise machines and an excellent lullaby music library.

Sleep Inn Hotels
Various locations
This cost-friendly brand is revamping to grow even truer to its title, with soft lighting, sleek designs and warm colors that induce guests feel less overwhelmed and more zen during their bide. They’re strategically placing elevators and TVs in order to reduce noise, and high-quality bedclothe and pillows have become a priority.

The Hermitage Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee
The pillow menu here isnt only an afterthought amenity; its a passion. If the goose-down, buckwheat, latex foam and memory foam pillows waiting in your room arent enough, call for reinforcements: neck pillows, body pillows, water pillows, reading pillows, leg pillows and diamond-filled pillows.( Ok, the last one is made up ). Its all free, but if you develop a particularly strong pillow bond during your bide, theyre all available for purchase at checkout.

Lorien Hotel& Spa
Alexandria, Virginia
Here guests find a Dream Button on their guestroom telephone that lets them choose from the Dream Service Menu. There are scent diffusers to alleviate tension, bedtime volumes for a calming lullaby read, and sleep masks to block the outside world. Prefer from an extensive pillow list — and for little ones, the menu also includes childrens volumes, humidifiers and special nightlights.

Library Hotel Collection
New York, New York
These boutique hotels in Manhattan( with two additional places in Budapest and Prague) offer a carefully-curated Escape to Serenity program, where you can request a range of complimentary items that help you prepare for sleep, such as fleece blankets, featherbed mattress toppers and hypoallergenic Micro Gel fiber pillows. The Sleep Phones are another favorite accouterment: These headphones emit soothing audios as you fall asleep.

New York, New York
Through a partnership with the innovative specialty sleep retailer Sleep Studio, WestHouse lets you tailor your sleep experience with sleep masks, aromatherapy oils and Sleep Studios proprietary system of bespoke mattresses.

Mount Snow Resort
West Dover, Vermont
To get parents and kids working together toward better sleep, this hotel offers a Family Camp package where mobile devices are highly deterred. WiFi is available only in the camps main lodge, and most rooms are WiFi-free. Camp staff fosters families to put down their devices and enjoy games, water sports, chef-made snacks and the great outdoors as they slow down and rest together.

New York, New York
Guests typically visit this extended-stay property for 30 days or more, letting plenty of time for immersion in the AKA Sleep School. AKAs four Manhattan properties have partnered with the New York University School of Medicine Sleep Disorders Center and the New York Sleep Institute to have experts available for in-room sleep screenings, for an additional fee. Complementary features include in-room lightboxes, blackout curtains and sleep seminars on topics like bedtime routines and sleep apnea.

Do you have a favorite hotel for sleep? Please let us know in the comments below ! And if you can’t traveling at the moment, you can always upgrade your home to hotel-level sleep quality

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