The Beauty Of Falling Back

Dmitriy Ilkevich

The beauty of falling back is that you get to sit back and watch everything unfold clearly instead of over analyzing things or decoding mixed signals or reading too much into every word. You get to figure everything out when you’re not trying. You get to see who will feel your absence when you decide to take a step back. You get to see how people really feel when you go missing and you also get to know what person genuinely means to you.

The beauty of falling back is that you realize that life stimulates more sense when you don’t chase things. When you give yourself some time to see things clearly or step back from everything confounding you so you don’t make room for any letdown. Sometimes taking yourself out of the equation is the only way to find the right answer .

The beauty of falling back is that you get to expend more time reflecting on your feelings, your impressions and your thoughts. When you fall back you’re not busy typing out calculated reactions or planning strategically when to bellow or what to say or where to run. You just let things be. You give the universe a chance to show you what it has in store for you. You let things manifest themselves instead of trying to live out illusions or fantasies or ideas in your head.

The beauty of falling back is that it shows you what happens when you stop focusing too much on others and focus on yourself instead. When you learn how to live with loneliness without letting it define you. When you learn how to fill the void with things you’re passionate about and people who truly love you. When you learn how to fill the emptiness inside you with more substantial things. When you learn how to strengthen your faith in God and respect his timing even when you don’t understand it.

The beauty of falling back is that you save yourself from falling down.

You save yourself from being ambushed by a fall you didn’t prepare for or didn’t see coming. You save yourself from falling in love with the incorrect person or falling in love for all the wrong reasons. You save yourself from transgressing your own heart when you take a few steps back to insure who’s willing to meet you halfway and who’s moving in a altogether opposite direction.

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