The Advice Elizabeth Banks Got From The First Agent She Met In Hollywood? ‘Get A Boob Job’!

From the very beginning of her career, it was clear to Elizabeth Banks that women had it differently than men in Hollywood.

While being honored at the Women in Film Los Angeles’ Crystal+ Lucy Awards for her contributions as a director, producer, and actress , the 43 -year-old took a few moments to reflect on inducing it as a woman in the industry.

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Speaking on her experience with misogyny in Tinseltown, the Pitch Perfect star revealed to the audience at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Tuesday:

“The first agent I ever met in this industry told me to get a boob job. I was so grateful that I didn’t have enough fund at the time to follow his advice. I also did not sign with him despite that.”

As for creating her two sons — Felix, 5, and Magnus, 4 — Banks said she and hubby Max Handelman are determined to raise them as “little feminists” 😛 TAGEND

“I have a great partner in my husband. We’ve been together 25 years and he expects them to want to go watch cool movies with really awesome kick ass female leads. I appreciate that very much in helping me shape them into great little feminists.”

Adding 😛 TAGEND

“I get to present an example to them of a working mom who loves what she does. In this room, we are creating culture. We are sending messages out to the world. Those messages matter, and presenting strong, independent women who have agency in Tv and film is really important — not only in this room , not just in our culture, but in the global culture.”

After being presented with her awarding via a video clip featuring Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth went on to encourage women to tell their own tales 😛 TAGEND

“I hope it promotes other women to step up to the plate of directing, and producing, and writing. Anything that they’re thinking about doing, and take more control of the storytelling and of their lives. I was mentored by really incredible women in this business, Diane Lane, and Laura Linney, and Julianne Moore. Women that I love and respect, whose careers I admire, and who all had really interesting advice as they aged in this industry that frightened the crap out of me.”


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