Thanks, Beyonc: Being a Becky Just Got So Much Harder

The hunt is on for the’ Becky’ in Beyonce’s song’ Sorry .’ Is she a real nemesis, a composite, a euphemism for white females? Whatever, the name has a big history of difficulty. “>

Poor Becky.

Poor Becky.

This week, it isnt so great being called Becky, and even if youre not called Becky, you could be suspected of being Becky, or even considered a Becky.

Right now, Becky is perhaps a real people name, maybe a masking name, perhaps a composite name for multiple girls, or possibly a classification of a type of person. By tomorrow, hopefully, there will be a support group.

The Becky pile-on began after Beyonc sang about a Becky with good hair in her infidelity anthem Sorry as someone/ or some people in a relationship of some kind with hepresumed to be her husband Jay Z. Cue the supposition: So far Rachel Roy and Rita Ora have denied being the Becky in question.

( And poor Rachael Ray, innocently posting pictures of burger sliders, suddenly became a scarlet woman on the strength of Internet trolls appalling spelling .)

This is no gentle parlor game: Its Becky-hunting season.

Iggy Azalea began the latest round of Becky-izing, when she posted on Twitter that she thought it a reference to the black employ of Becky as a word to belittle white women.

Generalizing ANY race by calling them one stereotypical name for said race. i personally dont think is very cool, the end. Azalea tweeted.I dont care. Dont call all Asian women Ming Lee. Dont call white girls Becky. Dont call black girls Sha Nay Nay.

Azalea is not alone in her criticism.

However, Azalea has been criticized, for example by Lincoln Anthony Blades in Ebony, for being clueless about the nature of systemic and engrained racism against black people.

Chrissy Tiegen guesses the Becky blow-up is absurd, for different reasons.( Although, a longtime Dallas fan, I do care who shoot JR. Bonus points for who shot Bobby Ewing? Bonus bonus points for who shot Phil Mitchell ?)

Bette Midler is upset too.

According to Urban Dictionary, Becky is a reference to the act of fellatio.

The dictionary cites Pliess 2010 sung Becky, and references the singer makes to getting blow chores. This links to the female name Becky because of the generally available notion and/ or stereotype that Caucasian females are somewhat more sexually liberal in terms of frequency of encounters, random partnering, and overall lasciviousness.

In Sir Mix a Lots Baby Got Back( 1992) another Becky is the silent , nodding white listening ear to another unnamed white girl bitching about a black dancers butt: They( rap artists) only talk to her because she looks like a total prostitute her butt is so big. Shes just so black.

USA Today, in their romp around the Becky basis, encapsulates her thus: a woman, who is bland and generally white, who may or may not be scheming to further her social success and wealth, likely by use her beauty and sex acts to do so, all while having a narrow world view.

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