Ted Cruz touts his national security experience in hawkish South Carolina

The Republican candidate went on a statewide tour to talk up his credentials, laying out an approach that would increase the US armys enlistment

After being battered on national security in Iowa by Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz is taking no chances in the ultra hawkish country of South Carolina.

Proclaiming that he wants a military with more tooth and less tail, Cruz went on a statewide tour Tuesday to tout his national security credentials. Starting with a speech abroad the USS Yorktown, a decommissioned aircraft carrier from the second world war, the senator from Texas laid out an approach that are dependent upon beefing up the US armed forces with occasional dosages of red meat for social conservative voters.

In a campaign stop in Columbia, Cruz pledged to increase the US armys enlistment by 75,000 troops as well as add more ships to the navy and more airliners to the us air force. However, he made clear that these additional soldiers would be mostly humen, casting scorn upon those Republican challengers who want to draft our daughters into combat.

Republican presidential nominee Ted Cruz voiced his opposition to women serving in combat roles, calling such schemes nuts at a campaign event in New Hampshire

He said that when the subject of women in combat was brought up at a recent debate, he felt like he had entered the Twilight Zone. Cruz asked the audience: Have we lost our facilities? Is political correctness so all-consuming that were not willing to say that thats simply nuts?

The senator went on to state that if he is elected to the White House the time of the military being treated as a cauldron for social experimentations is over. Cruz went to express scorn for plush-bottomed bureaucrats and insist no longer is the focus going to be on gluten-free MREs.

Cruz also veered into second world war analogies, pledging to restore a bust of Winston Churchill to the White House and comparing Barack Obama to Neville Chamberlain. To him, the Iran deal was similar to the Munich agreement of 1938 with Obama promising peace for our time. Cruz, an ardent critic of the deal, then went on to compare Iran to Nazi Germany: When you allow psychotic lunatic to assemble the tools of slaying and war it does not work out well for the free world.

He also tried to contrast his fitness to be commander in chief to that of his closest challenger, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. Cruz poked at Trumps active presence on social media, saying: When radical terrorists declare jihad on us, the answer is not to tweet insults. The answer is to unleash the holy wrath of the United States.

Cruz though is still running behind Trump in South Carolina. Recent polls have the real estate mogul with a 15 – to 20 -point lead over the senator from Texas in its most important first-in-the-south primary. However, Cruz did come from behind to beat Trump in the Iowa caucuses earlier in February, and his campaign is hoping that his push on national security in a state with significant military presence can help achieve that feat again.

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