Taking revenge against Emma Watson? Against what exactly? | Barbara Ellen

The actor has done nothing more scandalous than undress at a costume fitting and stand up for herself

Just as you thought the world of revenge porn couldnt get any classier, it emerges that the actor Emma Watson is considering legal action over private photos that were secretly taken of her during a costume fitting.

Is this a brave new dawning? The point where propagators of revenge porn dont even feign that its about slut shaming any more. They dont even bother to peddle the lie that its all somehow a blame-sharing exercising between the culprit and the victim after all, goes their rationale, the woman allowed somebody to photo or film her in an explicit way, or she put up nude photos on iCloud, hence she cant really complain if told photos go walkabout?

Not that the matter is posture was ever fair( nor, these days, legal, thank God ). However , now there seems to be a whole new dimension, whereupon famous females such as Watson can have their images stolen as they are getting garmented for work? Nice.

Im sure that very few people would enjoy being photographed as they stand unaware getting garmented. This is at the level of those tragic mouth-breathing imbeciles who take humiliating up-skirt shots of unsuspecting women on public transport.

Elsewhere, another actor, Mischa Barton, is taking legal action against someone trying to hawk a sexuality tape of her at the very highest bidder. Arguably, this is classic retaliation porn, in such a way that Watsons situation isnt. However, Watson is regularly in the news, to talk about feminist issues, most recently to defend her decision to pose provocatively for Vanity Fair magazine. In this way, the nude photos could have elements of retaliation porn revenge against Watson, and all young lady like her, for having the temerity to be successful, outspoken and to refuse to be cowed.

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