Stupid cruise questions revealed

Lots of experienced cruisers have heard the same silly cruise questions so many times that we have them memorized.  Questions like Does the crew sleep onboard? and What is our elevation?

In fact, many so-called silly questions are really logical concerns, but just posed in a somewhat clumsy manner. 

I remember a time when I did not know whether the crew slept on board. It seemed possible that the cruise ship could stop and drop them off at a dormitory every night, or that most only came aboard to cook and clean when the ship was docked.   

It isnt a crime to phrase a question in a funny way, but it also isnt a crime to make fun of people especially when the questions (or responses) are really funny. So with that, we went looking for, real-life stupid passenger experiences as told by crewmembers.

Room Steward Confessions

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