Renovated Hotel Provides Refuge For Homeless Veterans

In 2015, homelessness in Los Angeles intensified to such an overwhelming level that the city proclaimed a country of emergency. Among the hundreds of thousands of homeless individuals, many were veterans who had courageously fought for their country before objective up on the streets.

The adversities of war don’t always objective when a soldier returns home. Many servicemen and women suffer from lasting trauma, including post-traumatic stress ailment( PTSD ), mental illness, substance abuse, and/ or physical disability. These construct reintegration pretty tough for veterans, and sadly, many end up homeless and without familial or social support.

With this ever-growing problem that cannot be ignored , nonprofits like Step Up are vigorously to ensuring that the country’s heroes at least have a roof over their heads.

Thanks to the city and steadfast nonprofits that are dedicating their period and efforts to helping this tremendous cause, the number of homeless veterans has decreased by 30% in the past year.


There are many ways to help veterans get back on their feet, but an essential step is to ensure that they have proper shelter and are not left on the streets. Step Up, a nonprofit organization, has been realise the millennium development goals by converting old motels into housing for veterans.

Step Up

These apartments offer veterans with a cozy, comfy dwelling that offers privacy and a sense of independence.

Step Up

They expect that these housing units will be ready for residents by 2017.

Step Up

Step Up On Vine is one of the apartment complexes that has already been completed and was very successful in relieving veterans of homelessness. It offers renters an unlimited remain for as long as they need on a first come, first serve basis.

Step Up

The city is also encouraging other landlords to offer housing to the homeless through incentives, with the hopes that this will drastically decline the homeless population. While that may be a while away, these commendable endeavours are a critical first step to eliminating the homelessness problem in the city – and, hopefully, in the country.

Step Up

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