Rebecca Romijn Backtracks On Her Gigi Hadid& Kendall Jenner Supermodel Diss!

Rebecca Romijn

is having serious unhappiness right now!

In a conversation with Us Weekly , Rebecca clarified some shady remarks she made about Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid back in April. It looks like R.R. has had a BIG change of heart after she declared that the duo were NOT supermodels!

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Essentially, the 43 -year-old is suggesting that her controversial message was taken out of context. Apparently the blonde never uttered Gigi and Kenny’s names to begin with, which is an error that does occasionally happen in interviews from time to time.

The beauty went on to explain 😛 TAGEND

“First of all, I was asked my opinion about a social media trend , no specific names were ever mentioned. Secondly, I’m embarrassed that I even utilized the word supermodel.’ It’s a dumb word that has always been too loosely hurl around. These two ladies are in a stratosphere that I never arrived close to in the simulate world, and I know they’re working their butts off. That said, it’s not a competition and we don’t get anything out of pitting females against each other.”

Hmm … maybe the momma felt compelled to backtrack on her comments after Stephanie Seymour got bashed for essentially saying the SAME thing. Jenner and Hadid’s fan base is strong!

So, do YOU guess Rebecca should have backtracked on her comments?

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