President Trump, we know what you’re up to

( CNN ) Dear President Trump, We know what you’re doing, we know why you’re doing it, and we will not tolerate it or normalize it.


You expose your insecurities and embarrass yourself when you speak in this manner, and your behavior forces many people to analyse you in an unflattering light. Your words and actions appear to be classic “projection” on your portion, exposing the following personality traits :

Small, like when you argue about the size of your hands .
Petty, like your public mortification of Mitt Romney .
Insecure, like how you take people around with you to clap and cheer for you.
Obsessed, like disrespectfully talking about inaugural mob size at the CIA Memorial Wall .
Deceptive, like directing Sean Spicer to report false information or letting Kellyanne Conway to use the word “alternative facts” to explain deceptions, as if we’re living in the society of 1984 ‘s Oceania .
Devoid of empathy, like your inability to seemingly understand the pain and anger you have inflicted by your words and actions on girls, Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans, disabled people, the LGBTQ community and many others .

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The lesson many people have drawn from your behaviour is that you are utilizing the technique of gaslighting, defined as manipulating person “by psychological entails into doubting their own sanity.”
These traits and character issues are of great concern to many Americans, and now you’ve apparently decided to start assaulting mayors as well.
You met with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on December 7, 2106, at Trump Tower while you were President-elect, but now as President, you negatively and nastily tweet at him about serious public issues.
Did you somehow “losing ones” phone number, and now can only communicate by tweeting AT him, rather than talking TO him? You may find this surprising, but that Twitter machine that is apparently surgically attached to your hand also has a number of other fascinating features — it really is a PHONE that you can TALK to people with and communicate that route as well.
If you actually talked to Mayor Emanuel, you would know that there really IS a legitimate and proper role for the “feds” to play in helping Chicago deal with crime and public safety issues. For that to happen, rather than tweeting a threat that you are apparently considering invading the great City of Chicago, you could send your team to ask the mayor immediately what his needs are and how could your administration best provide assistance and support.
After coordinating a plan between your administration and the Emanuel administration, you could then travel to Chicago and talk about the great work that you’re doing to help the city. Find, isn’t that a great route to show leadership?
This is how real government leaders work — we gratify, we talk, we scheme and then, we take action, together. The cities of America are what stimulate America great, and having a partnership between the great the two cities of America and the federal government will be a key to the success of your administration. We should all be partners , not adversaries, in our mutual commitment to serve our constituents .
As a new person to public service, you would benefit greatly from listening to, watching and learning from these city leaders who are on the front lines of public safety, education, immigration, employment creation, civil and human rights protection and government leadership.
Mayors will not be bullied or intimidated by you or your team on Twitter or by other means. Mayors are chief executive officers of their cities, and cities represent the engines of innovation, possibility, economic developing and progress.
Mr. President, try this strategy for a week — less tweeting at or about people, more talking immediately to and with real people about real issues that actually matter to most Americans.
Please resist the virtually uncontrollable urge you have to publicly rant about whatever obsessions are rattling around in your own mind about yourself, your self-image or your self-importance. Your diehard adherents still adore you, the election is over, you won and now it is your turn, whether some like it or not, to sit in the White House as the 45 th President of the United States of America. It’s now period for you to govern on behalf of the entire 325 million of us in America, and reassure the rest of the world that the gaslight period has ended.
The campaign is over. It’s time to govern for ALL America.

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