The tale of a GSA( genetic sexual attraction) couple went viral yesterday( you can remind yourself of it here ), as 52 -year-old Kim maintained that the “mindblowing sex” she’s having with her biological son isn’t incest .

Unfortunately for her, the nation of Michigan( where they live) disagrees.

In Michigan, incest is a third degree misdemeanour, punishable of up to 15 years in prison. Anyone convicted would also have to sign the sexuality offender’s register for life.

If anyone complains about Ben and Kim’s relationship, police will have to investigate. Although a complaint has not yet been made to the police, Ben and Kim have gone into hiding, as a precaution.

In her interview with newspaper The New Day, Kim was adamant that they weren’t perpetrating incest( she dedicated Ben up for adoption, and he was raised by another family ), and were instead experiencing Genetic Sexual Attraction- a psychological condition that can occur( but is very, very rare) when genetic relatives meet as adults.

In a high profile incest court case, a German man used this condition as his defense, and arguedthat he shouldn’t be charged with incest as he only gratified his sister when he was 23 and she was 15. The couple have four children together.

The court rejected their argument .

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