Mom Gives Bully Daughter a Taste of Her Own Medicine With a Penalty She Wont Forget

We hear narratives every day about kids whos mothers are alerted when a teacher suspects theyve been bullied at school. Its not every day that you get a call from your childs school to inform you that they are, in fact, the bully.

Kayleigh Linstrom, a self-proclaimed fashionista, was bullying a girl in her class for the clothes she wears. The 4th grader was calling the girl ugly, telling her she dresses sleezy, and constructed her feel like she wasnt good enough.

In my experience of being bullied as a kid, when parents hear that their child is saying mean things to another student, it usually aims up being a conversation where the child is half-way reprimanded in front of the kid who theyve been bullying, and then their parents force them to apologize.

But when thats all said and done, my clothes are still bad, my face is still ugly and that child is still a bully.

For Kayleigh, things appeared much much different.

After hearing what her daughter was saying to the girl in her class, Kayleighs step-mom, Allie, chose this fashionista needed a little savour of her own medication. Allie knew she was not raising a bully.

The two took a shopping spree at the local thrift store where Allie told Kayleigh that they were on a mission to find the ugliest clothes in the whole store.

Kayleigh had no idea that those ugly clothes were becoming her wardrobe.

When Monday morning rolled around, Kayleighs parents revealed that she would be wearing the thrift shop clothes to school. And when she did, she was stimulated fun of.

It sounds like a cruel prank, but when asked if she wishes her parents had taught her differently, Kayleigh says nothat their punishment was a good one.

After a couple of days of wearing less-than-fashionable clothes( which frankly still seemed super cute on this little beauty ), Kayleigh learned far more than she would have if her mommy had just told her to be nice and apologize.

Kayleigh knows shes lucky to be able to wear the clothes she has. Not everyone has the ability to wear fashionable clothes, and not everyone has the same fashionable style. Just because they like something different than you doesnt mean theyre ugly or they dress seriously. Kayleigh ended up apologizing to the girl shed bulliedon her ownand wouldnt you know, the two became best friends.

Through the dishonour of wearing clothes that she considers it to be ugly, she was able to experience firsthand what she dishes out to peopleand it sucked. But sometimes our experience is what shapes who we become. I would almost bet that not only will Kayleigh never make fun of someone else for their clothes again, but I gamble shell even be the one standing up for someone who is bullied by others. Because shes been there. Her experience, though some may find it cruel and humiliating, was the product of tough love and discipline.

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What do you think of Kayleighs punishment? Lesson well-taught? Or humiliation gone-too-far?

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