Mermaid Highlighter Is The Magical New Makeup Trend You Need To Try

Mermaids are definitely having a moment.

If youre looking for a route to embrace your inner Princess Ariel, you can support the #MermaidThighs movement, make a splash with anocean-inspired #OOTDor transform yourself into a stunning siren of the sea with some simple mermaid makeup techniques.

Remember when we depicted you that rainbow highlighter that basically turned you into a unicorn IRL?

Well, if you thought that was the easiest style to add a little magic to your makeup routine, youll be glad to know we just found another highlighter inspired by your favorite mythical ocean creature.

Say hello to our latestbeauty obsession from the deep

mermaid highlighter.

Thanks to the cosmetics brand Love Luxe Beauty, mermaid highlighters are now a real thing, and these vegan, handmade highlighters even come in several different luminescent shades.

Theres the Legit Mermaid hue, which is a glittery pink, purple, blue and green shimmer that comes in a loose sparkle pigment, as well as a concentrated liquid sort called Dramatizer Drops.

If youre more of a compact kind of sea creature, dont worry. Theres also a pressed pigment highlighter called What Mermaids Are Made Of, which features a golden green shade with clues of lilac, fuchsia and sapphire.

Plus, theres another equally gorgeous powder called Mermaid Water, which features an iridescent green hue.

It doesnt hurt that you can pop these astonishing makeup disks into an mesmerizing mermaid compact either.

All of these shimmery shades seem fabulous AF, so no matter which highlighter you choose, you can be sure a simple swipe of this stuff will turn you into a glorious, glowing mermaid queen.

If youre looking to get your fins on a few of these bad sons, these fairly palettes range in price from$ 9 to $30 and can be found on Love Luxe Beautys website.

Now, if you would excuse me, I need to go blow my life savings onboatload of mermaid makeup.

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