Melissa Joan Hart Celebrates Spring With A New Beach Body — 40 Pounds Down!

Melissa Joan Hart

has nothing to fear about turing 40!

Just a few weeks before Melissa reaches her milestone birthday, she debuted her fantastic seeming figure via Nutrisystem . Hart has worked with the diet magnate since 2014.

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For those who haven’t been following the actress’ weight loss journey, the blonde has dropped FORTY pounds so far. Talk about an accomplishment!

Gushing over her big accomplishment, the beauty revealed to E! News πŸ˜› TAGEND

“It’s been awesome trying on different swimsuits and feeling confident. This red suit is one of my favoritesit’s sexy and playful, but still a little reserved. Perfect for an nearly 40 -year-old! “

How wonderful! We’re so glad the mom feels so confident in her body!

Check out this snap of Melissa seeming SO excited over her transformation:

Sneak peek! Trying on swimsuits has never been so fun! Check back to find my favorite. #readyforspringbreakA photo posted by Melissa Joan Hart (@ melissajoanhart) on Mar 28, 2016 at 6:23 am PDT

So, how does the Long Island native bide fit?

Besides committing to Nutrisystem, the M.J.H. also credits her husband Mark Wilkerson and treating herself once in a while to preserving her fit physique πŸ˜› TAGEND

“Mark lately started developing me and a few of my friends at our home. It’s a lot of fun! The best part is that when we work out together, we just want to keep going so sometimes we end up working out for hours at a time.”

Well, the couple who works out together, bides together!

Melissa added πŸ˜› TAGEND

“One of my slimming secrets is to treat yourself. It can’t be about deprivation. If I want to have a piece of cake or a slice of pizza, I do. And then I get back on track the next day.”

Phew … we’re glad Hart indulges from time to day. You got to enjoy life, too!

Congrats on your weight loss, girl!

[ Image via Nutrisystem .]

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