Late-night hosts on Trump’s Asia trip: ‘The little rocket man can reach him over there’

Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah and Seth Meyers, discussed Tuesdays elections, the Saudi Arabian political purge and Trumps agriculture nominee, Sam Clovis

Late-night hosts discussed the gubernatorial election in Virginia on Tuesday, in which democrat Ralph Northam defeated Trump-endorsed republican Ed Gillespie, and the attempted consolidation of power by the Saudi Arabian royal family.

” It’s election day, simply not the one we wish it was ,” Stephen Colbert began.” We tape this demonstrate early so we don’t know the results yet. Either style, I am planning to uphold the election day tradition I started last year, get a very close look at my carpet through an empty alcohol bottle .”

” The election everyone’s watching this year is the race for governor of Virginia ,” he continued.” One person weighing in on this race is spare Trump and man-who-reads-Maxim-on-his-Kindle, Donald Trump Jr. Donald Jr woke up this morning to advise people to get the vote out, but perhaps he should’ve waited until he had his morning cup of hair gel .”

Colbert then read the president’s son’s tweet aloud, in which he exhorted Americans, in two different tweets, to vote for Gillespie ” tomorrow “.

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” Which is a fine thing to tweet, except the election was today , not tomorrow ,” Colbert responded.” Hashtag whoopsy daisy, hashtag turns out Eric is the smart one .”

” You have to have a little sympathy for this guy because he has to be under tremendous pressure, because for the next seven days he is the only Donald Trump in the western hemisphere ,” the host went on.” His dad continued his Asian tour in South Korea today. It must have been pretty tense because there was a madman with nuclear weapons on one side of the border, and on the other side, North Korea .”

” The big topic of conversation in South Korea is North Norea, and Trump was far more restraint talking about it than he’s been over here ,” Colbert said, referring to the president’s speech to the South Korean parliament.” He didn’t once use the term’ little rocket man ‘, perhaps because the man’s little rocket can reach him over there .”

Trevor Noah of Comedy Central discussed the Saudi Arabian anti-corruption purge, in which at least 38 former, current and deputy ministers have been arrested.

” There has been a lot of news this week out of Saudi Arabia, which is basically America’s kooky rich uncle who occasionally beheads people ,” Noah began.” But over the weekend, the kingdom went through some serious commotion .”

Noah then proved news footage about the Saudi Arabian political purge, which watched an anti-corruption committee arrest many of the kingdom’s political elite.

” The biggest tale by far is the heir to the throne, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been arresting most of the other princes, a Sheikh-ton of them ,” Noah quipped.” Saudi Arabia has more princes than a Minneapolis Halloween party .”

” Saudi Arabia is ruled by one big household, the house of Saud ,” he continued.” The kingdom is calling this a crackdown on pervert princes, but I don’t know if I buy it. As it turns out, there might be more going on here than corruption .”

Trevor Noah on Saudia Arabia.

Noah then indicated news coverage in which one pundit suggests the anti-corruption initiative is merely a” smokescreen for an abrupt consolidation of power by the crown prince and the elimination of rivals “.

” Wait a minute. Consolidating power and getting rid of his political challengers ?” Noah asked.” I wonder how President Trump feels about this whole thing .”

The host then indicated Trump’s tweets supporting the crackdown in Saudi Arabia.” Of course, Trump loves this. Locking up political challengers is Trump’s wet dream ,” the host said.

” Now, to be fair, the situation in Saudi Arabia is a lot more complicated than that ,” he continued.” The crown prince isn’t just trying to grab power. He’s also trying to modernize Saudi Arabia. Sidelining the old guard could let him diversify the economy and expand women’s rights. So the kingdom might become more autocratic, but it also might become more free .”

” It’s like how not being monogamous can actually strengthen the relationship ,” Noah joked.

Finally, Seth Meyers of NBC discussed former Trump campaign official Sam Clovis, who withdrew his name from consideration after being nominated to be chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture.

” The amazing thing about the Trump administration is not just all the narratives we hear ,” Meyers began.” It’s also the number of stories we miss due to the insanity of the narratives we hear. For example, President Trump’s nominee for chief scientist at the Department of Agriculture Sam Clovis, receded his nomination after reports surfaced that he had alleged ties to the ongoing Russia investigation .”

” Sam Clovis was Trump’s national co-chairman during the presidential campaign ,” the host explained.” He’s also been serving as the White House liaison to the Department of Agriculture while awaiting his hearing to be chief scientist at the USDA. But then last week, this happened .”

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