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The Duke of Edinburgh is celebrating the 30 th anniversary of a Cambridge University institute based on the ideas of his educational mentor, Kurt Hahn. But who was he?

“There is more in you than you think” was the motto Kurt Hahn used during his long and active life.

A German Jew who opposed and fled the Nazis and mentored the Duke of Edinburgh, his influence on education is all around, even if his name is not.

Hahn was instrumental in setting up the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, which has introduced millions of 14 to 24 -year-olds to outdoor escapade and community service.

He established Gordounstoun, the Scottish private school that has trained several members of the Royal Family, and inspired the creation of dozens more around the world. He co-founded the Outward Bound Trust, whose courses more than one million people have taken.

On Wednesday, the duke attended a reception in London commemorating 30 years of the Kurt Hahn Trust, which provides scholarships for German students to come to Cambridge University and vice-versa.

In a speech, Hahn once said freedom and discipline were “not enemies”. He advocated “experiential” learning – putting young people in situations to challenge them mentally and physically. Hahn said he wanted to prevent the eroding of children’s “inherent spirituality”.

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“If you throw a glance at the boys of any public or secondary school you find them up to the age of 13 full of curiosity, courteous, animated by high and good spirits, ” he said. “Then they reach the awkward age. They often lose their freshness and their charm, sometimes eternally. I belong to a secret society “ve called the” Anti-lout Society.”

He diagnosed six societal ailments 😛 TAGEND absence of physical fitness decline of initiative and enterprise decline of imagination decline of craftsmanship decline of self-discipline deterioration of compassion Image caption 1967: Gordonstoun boys clear a moat as part of volunteer work Image caption Prince Philip at Gordonstoun Image caption 1962: Prince Charles arrives for his first word at Gordonstoun, its own experience he described as “Colditz with kilts” Image caption 1947: Sailing practice at the Outward Bound school in Aberdovey

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