Khlo Kardashian Looks Exactly Like Gigi Hadid In This Strange Image

One of my favorite things about middle-aged people is their complete inability to tell the hottest starrings of the social media era apart.

Most people recognize Kim Kardashian, sure, but once you’ve arrived at the Martha Hunts and Gigi Hadids of the world, you’ve entirely lost them. My mama usually just stares at me blankly, eyebrows knitted together, as I attempt to explain the difference between Selena Gomez and Katy Perry.

However, the newest covering starring of Harper’s Bazaar proves our mothers aren’t actually that insane stars are all melding into one.

According to photos Khlo Kardashian uploaded to her Instagram Tuesday morning, she’s the featured celeb on the magazine’s cover this month. My brain is therefore of the opinion that, but one quick glance at the aforementioned image leads me to suppose I’m looking at Gigi Hadid, supermodel and on-again, off-again Zayn Malik flame.

On a normal Tuesday, the two women have practically nothing except renown in common. Whoever retouched these photos, however, seems to have some explaining to do. Khlo’s ordinarily long face, attained thinner by a reported40 pounds of weight loss, is rounded to the baby-like fullness that constructs Gigi famous. Straight, blonde hair frames the Kardashian’s face in an exact imitation of Gigi’s celebrated’ do.

Now, part of the similarity might be due to Khlo’s makeup for the shoot. She’s usually one to go all-out with overdrawn lips and dramatic fake lashes, but the Harper’s team certainly generated a more sultry, natural look for its star. Even so, I merely can’t chalk it all up to natural causes.

The similarityis evident, even if you’re not a person who professionally stares at celebrities all day. Numerous commentaries on the Instagram say things like, Ok Gigi Hadid.

Sure, Khlo appears fantastic that camel turtleneck situation is minimalist perfection but there’s actually a problematic aspect of the photo. We’re talking about two most varied women from separate ethnicities, age groups and careers who’ve been melded into the same human, somehow.

My bet’s on digital manipulation, deeming how different Khlo looks from that sultry Complex shootreleased mere months ago. Where are those famously powerful thighs, shoulders and derriere? The Khlo we see here is waif-like , not muscular and Amazonian.

Khlo seems feminine, soft and lovely, don’t get me wrong, but she certainly doesn’t definitely sounds like herself. There’s more than one kind of beauty, and I’d like to see it in publish more often.

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