Kate Winslet: the gender pay gap debate is ‘a bit vulgar’

The Oscar-winning actor has said she discovers the ongoing conversation about Hollywood salary inequality uncomfortable

Kate Winslet has spoken out about the ongoing dialogue surrounding the pay gap in Hollywood, calling it vulgar.

The Oscar-winning actor addressed Hollywood inequality after the issue has collected steam thanks to other superstars, such as Jennifer Lawrence, Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep, ventilating their frustration.

Im having such a problem with these dialogues, she said to BBC Newsbeat. I understand why they are coming up but maybe its a British thing. I dont like talking about money; its a little bit vulgar isnt it?

She went on to discuss why she believes its an inappropriate topic to talk about in interviews.

I dont think thats a very nice conversation to have publicly at all, she said. Im quite surprised by these dialogues to be honest, simply because it seems quite a strange thing to be discussing out in the open like that. I am a so lucky woman and Im quite happy with how things are ticking along.

When asked about comments made by other actors, she claims it would be dangerous for her to speak about them but denied that she has ever received any sexist therapy in her career.

If Id ever been in that situation I would have either dealt with it or removed myself from it, she said I find all this quite uncomfortable. I havent ever felt that Ive really had to stick up for myself simply because Im a woman.

Winslets comments follow on from recent remarks by Sharon Stone who spoke about her mistreatment within the industry. After Basic Instinct , no one wanted to pay me, she said. I remember sitting in my kitchen with my manager and simply crying and saying: Im not going to work until I get paid. I still get paid so much less than any men.

The debate has intensified this year after Jennifer Lawrences emotive essay in Lena Dunhams newsletter Lenny, which addressed the leaked Sony emails revealing an inequality in her pay compared to her male co-stars in American Hustle.

Winslet is currently starring in Danny Boyles Oscar-tipped Steve Jobs and will next be seen as an Australian female attempting retaliation in The Dressmaker and a Russian-Israeli mafia moll in Triple 9.

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