Jess From 13 Reasons Why Reveals How She Wants To Ensure Bryce Punished In Season 2

Now that we are OFFICIALLY getting a second season of 13 Reasons Why, the cast is weighing in on where they want to see the tale going.

Miles Heizer( who plays Alex Standall) recently said hed like to explore what would happen if Alexs suicide endeavor failed, and now Alisha Boe( Jessica Davis) is letting us know what she wants to see happen.

One of the big cliffhangers at the end of Season 1 is whats going to happen to Bryce, the popular jock who we find out raped both Hannah Baker and Jess. Alisha told us that in Season 2, she wants to see Bryce get prosecuted and face some incarcerate time.


Additionally, shed like to see Jess be actively involved in the prosecution and opening up about what Bryce did to her.

In an interview with Elite Daily, Alisha Boe disclosed,

I hope he gets prosecuted and I would love to see him in jail, juvie of some sort. I would like, beyond Bryce, for Jessica to be able to have the power to prosecute him, to advocate for other women and other girls in the high school to speak up about it hope she becomes more public with it in order to get justice. I just want to see justice for Hannah and Jessica.

A legal process actually does sound like a natural and interesting course for Season 2 to take, especially given how much rape cases are on the public intellect in accordance with the horrifying Brock Turner case last year.

Although, thankfully, it will most likely be easier to get Bryce to serve a only amount of time in jail since Clay recorded his confession to Hannahs rape.


13 Reasons Why EP Joy Gorman also spoke about an facet of Jesss rape that confused some viewers: Why didnt Hannah burst out of that closet and stop it?

Joy highlights the fact Hannah had been so beaten down at that point that she felt totally powerless.

You know, Hannah, by the time she is that posture, has been so depleted shes hurting so deeply, shes already lost her voice and her agency. Shes already been slut dishonor. Shes already become a voice that no one respects and thats part of the great misfortune of that story line is that Hannah did not have the strength in that moment to stand up and so many people dont.


Well have to wait to see what becomes of Jess in the next season of 13 Reasons Why, but for now, the fans have their theories about whats to come.

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