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Is a church a place of public accommodation and if so are congregations required to follow anti-discrimination statutes considering gender and sex orientation?

Thats the issue raised by a booklet published by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. They contend that any church that opens its doorways to the public would be required to comply with sex orientation and gender identity laws.

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Its unclear when the Commissions brochure was published, but it clearly outlines their interpreting of the 2007 Iowa Civil Rights Act known as Iowa Code Chapter 216.

First Liberty Institute is representing Cornerstone World Outreach, a Sioux City church that fears it may be in violation of the statute.

Hiram Sasser, the law firms director of litigation, said the Commissions brochure means churches would be required to let transgender individuals use the bathrooms of their choice.

It further obliges our client to use specific pronouns when referring to certain gender identities and prohibits our client from even teaching its religious beliefs, Sasser said.

Cornerstone World Outreach cannot be made to open its restrooms for use by individuals in accordance with their gender identities, rather than their sexuality assigned at birth, Sasser said.

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The law firm fired off a demand letter to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission calling for them to amend its published policy to clarify that it will not apply Iowa Code 216 against churches and they must also acknowledge that Cornerstone World Outreach is exempt from enforcement.

I reached out to the Iowa Civil Right Commission for clarification on their interpretation of the law but so far they have not returned my correspondence.

Chelsey Youman, First Libertys chief of staff, told me the ramifications of Iowas policy cannot be overstated.

This is an unprecedented move by a government agency to mandate that anytime a church opens its doors to the public that it automatically qualifies as a place of public accommodation, Youman said. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Pastor Cary Gordon accused the Iowa Civil Rights Commission of acting like a First Amendment Gestapo to hunt down and harass churches and local businesses trying to live out their Christian convictions.

Based on what they are saying, orthodox Christianity is in violation of the state law of Iowa, the pastor told me.

The brochure on sexual orientation and gender identity has a segment titled, Does this law apply to churches?

Just so liberals wont accuse me of taking this out of context Im going to provide you with the entire answer 😛 TAGEND

Does this law apply to churches? Sometimes. Iowa law provides that these protections do not apply to religious organizations with respect to any religion-based qualifications when such qualifications are related to bona fide religion intent. Where qualifications are not related to a bona fide religion purpose, churches are still subject to the laws provisions.( e.g. a child care facility operated at a church or a church service open to the public.

A few thinks here, folks 😛 TAGEND

Does that mean churches must allow men who identify as females to use the bathrooms of their choice during Wednesday night church suppers? Are congregations required to let transgender folks play on the church softball teams of their choice? What about church-related sporting events for children? Are those events covered under the law?

And which government agency decides what is and what is not a bona fide religion intent?

Such emphasis highlights the Commissions intention to not only heavily scrutinize the legality and sincerity( of the) religious doctrines of our client and other religion organizations, but also the very legitimacy of the church as a religious body, reads the First Liberty letter to the Civil Rights Commission.

But the most concerning part of the policy involves the public accommodation clause. The Commission states that churches that open their services to the public would have to comply with the law.

Well, that encompass just about every church in the country because thats the phase of Sunday services. Churches want everyone to attend their services saints and sinners.

Attorney Youman tells me if the rules are enforced, it is unable to lead to significant trouble for people of faith.

The state asserts it has the power to regulate what the church even teaches what they are allowed to say from the pulpit in addition to how they operate regarding matters such as gender and sexuality, she said. If the church has a doctrine or theology that is at odds with the state and they speak out about that they can have the full weight of the law brought down against them.

To be clear no church in Iowa has been accused of transgressing the law but Pastor Gordon only believes its a matter of time before an activist files a complaint.

Its a harbinger of more difficulty to come if we dont address it right now and hold them accountable to what they are saying, he said.

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