If You Don’t Like Him By The Second Date, Just Give Up

Every once in a while you go on those first dates that are either mind blowingly awesome or painstakingly horrific.

Then there are all of the first dates that fall in between: The ones that are not the worst things to have ever happened to you, but werent necessarily anything to write home about either. They were just meh.

In those cases, do you even bother with a second date? My answer is always yes.

Im a firm believer on going on the second date even if youre not 100 percent sold on the person after the first one.

Why? Because first dates can be awesome, but they can also be awkward and intimidating.I would hate for someone to write me off forever just because I was a nervous caricature of myself on our first date.

Im not going to do that to anyone either. And, as a result, Ive ended up going on some pretty epic second dates.

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