I Recreated Selena’s Best Beauty Looks And Realized Her Style Is Timeless

I have a soft spot for Texans who fuck shit up.

Although we may be few (yep, gonna go ahead and throw myself in there), we never fail to leave a lasting impression.

As hard as it may seem to realize, Texas isnt just known for itsuseless ex governor competing on Dancing With The Stars or Bible-thumping volunteers keeping our borders secure.

Nope, thanks to women like Beyonc, Wendy Davisand of course our true queen, Selena, Texans have a lot to be proud of. And now with the new MAC Selena collection (October 1), we can celebrate the legacy of Selena on a regular basis.

The collection was entirely curated by her sister and bandmate, Suzette, and is modeled after shades the singer wore every day. That may be why this collection means so much to her fans.

After all,a Kickstarter urging MACto take notice of the icon is the reason the line came to fruition in the first place.

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