How To Order On A Date

If you clicked on this article, were guessing youve reached the age when guys arent just watching you down five tequila shots in a frat house as a warm-up for the keg stand. If youre going on a mature, one-on-one date with a guy, youre probably at a nice restaurant. It comes time to order, and although youve ordered food a million times, this decision suddenly seems more difficult than siding with Drake or Meek Mill. Am I setting myself up for failure by ordering a spicy tuna roll? How am I supposed to have soup without slurping it?

Luckily for you, we have the answers to all your date-ordering anxieties. Here are some basic guidelines to follow if you want to order right on your date.

Lets start with the question of ordering healthy. If your eyes go straight to the salad section every time you look at a menu, dont be shy about ordering a salad. Its a totally logical thing to get, and if the guy cares that much that you eat healthy, he can find someone else who would rather the ninety-nine cent pizza next door. However, if you plan on ordering a salad, try to be low-key about it. In order words, dont make the waiter too crazy with requests like croutons on the size and only completely fat-free, carb-free dressings, please. Obviously wed rather get a root canal than eat crunchy fried onions and ranch dressing, but you dont want to look psychotically OCD when youre trying to come across as that chill girl who just happens to order healthy food.

On the other hand, lets say youve had a long day at work, you havent eaten in hours, and all you really want is a giant bowl of Fettuccini Alfredo with extra cheesy sauce and enough napkins to destroy a rainforest. And hey, your metabolism is so fast you can obviously afford it. But as much as we understand, you should probably be careful with messy foods. Skip the personal pizza or chicken wings. Eating with your hands is barbaric. Feel free to order a hearty pasta dish, but dont go over the top. Just because youre at a caf in Little Italy doesnt mean youre trying to eat your way through Europe.

Then comes the inevitable question: to drink or not to drink. Lets be real. The only thing wed love at a restaurant more than a good meal is the perfect cocktail to go along with it. No betch wants to come across as the alcoholic who cant get through a sober conversation about your childhood without being solidly buzzed, so you should probably wait to see if he orders one first. If he does, order a classy glass of wine or a martini. If he skips the suggestion, chances are, the rest of the night isnt looking too bright anyway. You can always pick up a bottle of Tequila at the end of the night to enjoy along with your Netflix and sweats waiting for you at home. Now thats the kind of commitment well drink to.

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