How to fail forward in business

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Mashable’s latest #BizChats focused on the benefits of embracing failure in business.

Over the course of an hour, our guests covered an array of questions ranging from how to boost self-confidence when overcoming a challenge at work, to how to cultivate growth and push past fear as a professional.

Several motivational speakers and career coaches took part in the conversation including:Chandresh Bhardwaj, storyteller & spiritual advisor; Chelsea Krost, millennial spokesperson, brand consultant & keynote speaker; Chuck Gallagher, CEO of the Ethics Resource Group; and Marianne Williamson, internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer.

Check out highlights from the chat in the Storify below.

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#BizChats: How to fail forward in business

Mashable discussed how to grow professionally and push past fear in business.

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Failing is never easy. Whats even harder is finding the strength and the will to bounce back from a struggle. What holds many professionals back in business is the fear of failure. However, its in the midst of that struggle where you learn how to build up grit, endurance and the self-confidence to overcome obstacles.

Truly, the fear of failure starts in the mind. When presented with an opportunity that has an unknown trajectory, your mind instantly starts to formulate different scenarios that usually doesnt resolve in a pleasant outcome. Its a defense mechanism. In order to counteract this career-crippling habit, we’re here to share tips on how to shift your mindset from a negative into a positive and learn to fail forward.

@mashbusines and several spiritual advisors and career experts participated in a #BizChats Twitter chat to discuss how professionals how to overcome obstacles in business.

Welcome to #BizChats! Today were discussing how to turn your failures into successes in business. Please introduce yourselves!Mashable Business
A warm welcome to our experts: @cbmeditates, @ChelseaKrost, @Chuckgallagher & @marwilliamson! #BizChatsMashable Business
#BizChats tip #1: Be sure to number your answers according to the question you’re answering. (ie., Q1.> A1., Q2. > A2., Q3. > A3.)Mashable Business
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One more minute until Q1. #BizChatsMashable Business
Question 1:
Q1. Why should people learn to embrace failure in business? #BizChatsMashable Business
Q1A1: Its funny to think that we should embrace failure. But failure comes along with a lot of learning lessons. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
Q1A2: Although failure hurts it should motivate you to learn from what was done wrong & tackle the next task that much smarter. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A1. I wouldnt say embrace your failure, but accept it and learn from it. The pain has a lot to teach you. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A1. Duality exists. Hot cold. Black white. There can be no success without failure! Embrace failure and success is possible. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
@mashbusiness A1: Failure makes you re-evaluate the situation, and work towards a solution. #BizChatsJennifer Baker
A1. The only failure in life is a failure we dont learn from. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A1. How can you learn what works if you dont first find out what doesnt. What doesnt is failure. The first step to success. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
@mashbusiness A1. So one can learn from their mistakes and use it to get better. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
Q1A3 Dont let your ego get in the way of the silver lining failure brings. #bizchats Krost
A1. If we learn from our failures, we go forward prepared to succeed where we failed before. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A1 Failure results from an attempt. No trial & error, no education, no growth. Failing just indicates a flaw in the tested formula #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A1: I firmly believe failure is the precursor to can you know what works before you know what doesn’t? #BizChatsBrett Pucino
A1:Sometimes not trying costs more than failure for our entrepreneurial customers: #BizChats UPS Store
A1. Our current choices – having learned from the past – allow us to create the future we desire. There we find success. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A1: When you fail and stay defeated, you never learn or grow, which is essential to success #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A1: No one is an expert at everything all the time. Perseverance is huge in life, especially in the business world! #BizChatsAshley N Santos
A1 You learn as much, if not more, from your failures as from your successes. Failure helps you realize there’s room to grow. #bizchatsGary Taylor
A1: Because not all failures are the period at the end of a sentence. Often it’s a well-earned lesson #BizChats Gausepohl
Q1 A4. I am living in Second Chances. What has been hardest to face has made me stronger. Its all perception. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A1 Failure teaches the fine lessons in business. If u arent failing, u arent taking risks:the foundation of a business success #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
Q1 A2 Failure is natures best learning ground. You have to try things see what works. The more you do, the more you fail & learn #BizChatsJim Peacock
Question 2:
Q2. What questions should you be asking yourself when reflecting on past or current challenges? #BizChatsMashable Business
Q2. A1. What choices did I make – consciously or subconsciously that contributed to my challenge or the problem I’m facing? #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
Q2A1: Ask your self what did you right, wrong, and what is worth improving. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
@mashbusiness A2. “How can I ensure that I don’t make the same mistake twice?” #BizChatsTracey Edouard
A2: How can I use this failure to improve my future actions? How can I stay consistent with my growth so this doesn’t happen again #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
@mashbusiness A2 Is the failure do to competency, character, culture, or lack of self-awareness? #BizChatsWes Gay
@mashbusiness A2: Why did failure occur. What can I do to avoid it next time? #BizChatsJennifer Baker
A2. Have a taken full responsibility for my mistakes? Atoned in my heart? Made amends? Cleaned it up? #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
Q1A2 Checking in with yourself after each task is completed is a great way to continue to grow in your space. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A2-What’s working well? What isn’t working at all? and Where do I envision this being in the future, are all good questions to ask #BizChatsAshley N Santos
.@mashbusiness #BizChats Ask yourself -‘Am I transparent with myself?’ Something we block our successKristin A. Meekhof
@mashbusiness A2: Knowing what I know now, what could I do differently next time? Do I have the support + resources I need? #BizChatsThe UPS Store
A2: If you’re reflecting on a past failure , the first question is ” what went wrong?”..100% brutal honesty is key here #BizChatsBrett Pucino
A2: What is/was the root cause of the issue(s)? I think it’s fundamental & imperative to move on. #BizChats Gausepohl
A2 The 5 Ws: who (usually me), what (plan, execution, resources), when, where & why (on the path did it change), how (to better) #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A2. @marwilliamson What if we’re unable or unwilling to see them as mistakes & keep repeating? #bizchatsEmma Rogan
A2 Learning from a failure requires a full investigation & evaluation of the inputs and outcomes over the project it takes time #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
Q2. A4. Am I looking at the past to define myself or do I recognize that my current choice create the future that Ill live? #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A2. Where am I coming from?
Where am I going?
Knowing your origin & destination in business helps you stay in focus & inspired. #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
Question 3:
Q3. Whats the best way to minimize damage in the middle of a challenge at work? #BizChatsMashable Business
A3. Check where youre judging someone, because every judgment blocks a miracle. Surrender the judgement; pray to see differently #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A3. Let others know you’re having a hard time! Take help, consider advice. Challenges are best tackled with teams. #BizChatsReino Rin
A3. Move from being impulsive to *being conscious*. Be willing to take tough decisions even if it challenges ur ego and beliefs. #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
@mashbusiness A3. HONESTY! It’s so important to be transparent w/ the situation or else you’ll never get down to the bottom of it. #BizChatsTracey Edouard
Q3A2: Clear communication is the MOST important factor when completing the task at hand. Is everyone on the same page? #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A3 Speak intentionally. Be transparent about what is going on. Work together to find a solution. #BizChatsHotSchedulesRCT
@mashbusiness A3. Start by asking for help and don’t be afraid to do so. Review what’s happened and formulate solutions. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
Q3A1: Be honest with yourself in the present moment is there a conversation, person, task that needs to be address & take action. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
Q3.A3. Ask yourself. Am I part of the problem or part of the solution? The answer to that question can lead to great insights. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A3: minimise damage by getting present. Acting out of ego cld result in negative consequences, than acting from empowered state. #BizChatsAnis Qizilbash
A3. Control your behavior, even if you cant yet control your feelings. We’re all wounded but we don’t have to act from the wound. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A3. Admit your flaws. Nothing roars like learning your lesson from the mistakes! #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
A3: Recognize the challenge & make sure everyone involved has clarity around the issue. Stick to the issue not ur emotions! #BizChatsKaren Litzy
A3. Be big enough to step back for a minute, cool down, and reassess how to move forward with a clear mind. #BizChatsGilbert Resendez
A3. Ask in your heart for a miracle (and Im not joking). #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
@mashbusiness A3: Admin/own up to it. Once you do you (or others) can work on finding and implementing solutions. #BizChatsJennifer Baker
Q3.A4. Faced once with an impossible boss, I asked what am I to learn from this situation. The answers were profound. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A3 Stop. Listen. Listen! Look. Learn. Then speak, maybe. If we seek 1st to understand (people/work) we tend to avoid escalations. #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
Q3.A5. Sometimes challenges (often times) challenges are there for our growth. Embrace the challenge and grow. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A3. To minimize damage, maximize your awareness, creativity, faith, & courage in your crusade. #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
A3: With every growth opportunity (a challenge – solution), it’s important to get your team involved to learn and grow with you. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A3. Cut your losses! A lesson I learned in my wall street days! 🙂 Still relevant in everything we do! #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
Question 4:
Q4. How do you boost self-confidence when youre really going through it at work? #BizChatsMashable Business
Q4A1. I was once told: You made a big mistake, but YOU ARE NOT A MISTAKE! Those words saved my life. Know that! #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A4: Pay attention to the positive – what will be the result when you overcome this challenge? What can motivate you? #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A4. Self-confidence is a trap, a delusion. Youre the faucet, not the water.
Have confidence in a power in you but not of you. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
Q4A1: Self-confidence certainly comes from within only you have the control to shift your own perspective. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
Q4A2: It is all about staying centered for me. Yoga helps me to stay confident, strong, and centered. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
@mashbusiness A4. Remember that someone hired you b/c they thought you were capable of doing great work. Cut yourself some slack. #BizChatsTracey Edouard
@mashbusiness A4: Reflect: “What’s the worst thing that will come out of this failure?” Then go from there! #BizChatsJennifer Baker
@mashbusiness A4. Taking a break for awhile, clearing my head with a walk or coffee run, listening to music, seek advice. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
A4: boost self-confidence> self-compassion and self-love. Not in a egotistical way. #BizChatsAnis Qizilbash
A4- Sometimes you just have to fake it till you make it! Be positive, think positive and speak that to yourself. #BizChatsAshley N Santos
A4. I start to segment my time. 30 minutes work and 5 to take a break and stress. That way both tasks get tackled. #BizChatsReino Rin
A4 I have an excellent team of friends, mentors, & family that remind me of past success and future opportunities. Get a circle! #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A4: Boost confidence by looking back at how far you’ve come. Recall your past victories #BizChatsAnis Qizilbash
A4. Every morning before work, spend 5 minutes sending love to everyone you work with – particularly those you don’t like!:) #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A4. Stop comparing yourself with others. You arent inferior, superior, or equal. You are unique & rare! Claim your uniqueness. #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
A4. Make a lot of all your accomplishments and awesome things people say about you even if you don’t believe it (yet) #BizChatsGilbert Resendez
A4 When I’m down, I talk to mentors. The value of outside perspective is critical to not only good for ideas, but for confidence. #BizChatsStephen Zakur
A4. No matter what, be kind. Otherwise you won’t feel self-confident because others won’t have confidence in you. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A4: I work for myself, so getting perspective from others outside of my work is key. Sometimes hard 2 see when u r in it. #BizChatsKaren Litzy
Q4A3. Self-Confidence is just that – SELF. What is happening around you isnt YOU. Its just an experience for your growth. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A4 Remember, Shift Happens. Change your environment and attention for a moment, it can change your day. Or, take a nap. Seriously. #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
Question 5:
Q5. How do you shift a work failure from a negative into a positive in business? #BizChatsMashable Business
Q5A1: Certainly take the time to grieve your failure. You deserve to acknowledge the pain of failure. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A4) Just remember that you got to where you are because you earned it. Stay cool and focused, and everything will work out! #BizChatsGary Taylor
A5: Be transparent – don’t bottle up your frustrations till another, worse situation occurs. By being open, you’re open to grow. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
Q5A1. Learn from it! Know that failure is just one more step needed to find success. Look for what you can learn. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
Q5A2: Take time to reflect on yourself, your team, your service protocol, your results, as yourself what could be changed. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A5. Be willing to learn, and to atone for your own mistakes. Forgive others for theirs. Commit to growing from the experience. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
@mashbusiness A5. Dwelling on it is the most self-harming thing u can do. Accept that it happened and promise yourself 2 do better #BizChatsTracey Edouard
Q5A3. Understand that a negative is just part of the process of learning. Learn and youll no longer need that negative. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A5. Life isn’t about suppressing anything. Its about channeling energy from negative to positive. Don’t escape your emotions. #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
Q5A2. We repeat the same lessons over and over till we learn what we need to learn. Then we no longer need the lesson. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A5- Reminding myself that there’s always opportunity for growth and improvement! And thatit’s ok to fail, and learn from it. #BizChatsAshley N Santos
Q5: Pivot. Having the agility to come from failure to a new path is critical. Our first path is rarely the best path. #BizChatsStephen Zakur
A5. Own your mistakes. Apologize where apologies are due. Be humble, and people will want to help you. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
@mashbusiness Q5. A1) Always try to see the silver lining from any cloud. This requires a complete 180 rethink on one’s failures.motebang senaoana
@mashbusiness A5. Take time to figure out why something was negative in the first place. Adjust your attitude. #BizChatsAngela Brown
Question 6:
Q6. What are some fun challenges to help yourself grow professional and push past fear? #BizChatsMashable Business
A6. I dont know about fun, but definitely necessary: MEDITATE. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
Q5A6. Your internal perception is critical to creating the positive in business or in life in general. Half full – Half empty? #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
Q6A1. Do things that you have never done before professionally. Learn from those who are leaders in your field. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
Q6A1: Certain exercises I have tried include practicing positive affirmations. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
Q6A2: Push yourself physically to mentally feel strong, sign up for a marathon, a mud run, a boxing class, sweat it out! #bizchatsChelsea Krost
Q6A3. As a convicted felon I am often asked, What must I do to find success after making a serious mistake? Part one #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A6: Fun challenges to push past fear? Fearful of public speaking so I joined a public speaking club. Courage is a muscle. #BizChatsAnis Qizilbash
@mashbusiness A6. Start to practice: Your ego is not your amigo. #BizChatsBarbara DiGangi
@mashbusiness A6. Listen, take notes, speak up and share your ideas. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Celebrate accomplishments! #BizChatsSamina Sultana
Q6A3: Try not using your phone/computer for entire day. Its amazing what comes in when your mind is present & unplugged from tech. #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A6)”To Achieve milestones You’ve Never done before,You have to take Initiatives that you’ve Never Taken Before” Take a Leap. #BizChatsMRCCORP
Q6A4: Networking events/mixers are a great social challenge to immerse yourself in, step outside comfort zone, & have fun doing! #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A6. Daily devote your work to Loves purposes. Where there’s love there can’t be fear, as where there’s light there can’t be dark.#BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A6: Grow your knowledge base by participating in other activities outside of work. Refresh your mind and expand your strengths. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A6 Do something uncomfortable every week – for me it was finally doing a live video chat with Twitter connections. #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A6. Stay on top of your game by doing research, reminding yourself of your strengths #BizChats
@mashbusiness get uncomfortable. Play “ice-breaker”. You have 2 options. 1) converse with strangers or 2) public push-ups. #bizchatsChristian van Vliet
A6. Remember great opportunities come from out of the blue. Always be alert to chances to rise to the occasion, to do/be your best.#BizChatsMarianne Williamson
Question 7:
Q7. What are common mistakes people should avoid as they experience failure? #BizChatsMashable Business
Q7A1: People get to consumed by the thought of failure it blocks them from having their next breakthrough! #bizchatsChelsea Krost
A7. Blaming others for their failures. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
Q7A1. Assuming that they are defined by what is currently happening. Learn from failure and move ahead. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A7 Avoid taking everything personally & be willing to seek guidance instead of pretending that u know it all
@mashbusiness #BizChatsKristin A. Meekhof
@mashbusiness Q7A7 – Giving up. Biggest mistake. Keep going. Never give up #BizChatsLittle Miss Boeddha
A7. Rushing through grief. Only deep reflection produces deep understanding. Take as long as you need to process what happened. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
@mashbusiness giving up. Direction is more important than speed. It’s natural to hit speed bumps. #BizChats van Vliet
A7: Questioning your every move going forward. hard to move ahead if u lost your confidence. #BizChatsKaren Litzy
A7. Common mistakes to avoid as they experience failure? Dwelling too much in the past / focus on the failure. #BizChatsAnis Qizilbash
Q7 Avoid hunkering down in your bunker. Hiding (or hiding something) only makes the reveal worse and the solution elusive. #BizChatsStephen Zakur
A7. Rushing through grief. Only deep reflection produces deep understanding. Take as long as you need to process what happened. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A7: Being risk adverse is risky too! Don’t sweat the small stuff! #BizChats UPS Store
A7. Not looking deeply at what happened, in order to understand and change things moving forward. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A7. Not looking deeply at what happened, in order to understand and change things moving forward. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A7. Not looking deeply at what happened, in order to understand and change things moving forward. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A6. Stay on top of your game by doing research, reminding yourself of your strengths #BizChats
Question 8:
Q8. What final tips do you have to help professionals fail forward? #BizChatsMashable Business
A8. Lighten up; failure happens to most everybody at some point, even those who end up having the biggest successes. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A6) Network with as many professionals in your industry as possible. Surround yourself with individuals who challenge you #bizchatsGary Taylor
Q8A1. I have failed often. From that failure has come success beyond my wildest imagination. Stay Focus on Your dreams. #BizChatsMotivational Speaker
A5) Avoid dwelling on the mistake. Analyze, assess, and move forward. #BizChatsGary Taylor
A7. Anything can be a platform for meaning and purpose #BizChatsLolly Daskal
To all professionals: Live so that everything you do matters. @mashbusiness: #BizChatsLolly Daskal
A8. Failure & success are ideas given to us by others. Channel ur energy on being creative & having fun. Only that matters! #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
A8 Know you’re not alone. Failure is a part of the journey we are all on. Look around. Find examples for inspiration and go on. #BizChatsJoynicole Martinez
A8. Fail often and fail fast, but always apply what you’ve learnt. #BizChatsthecorporatesister
Q8 Be open and honest with yourself and others about what just happened. What you’ve learned. Denial has derailed many careers. #BizChatsStephen Zakur
A8. Take time to reflect on your business. Carve quiet time out to help you figure out what works / doesn’t work #BizChatsJim Peacock
A8. Where there’s love, miracles occur automatically. If failure expanded your ability to love, it will lead to bigger success. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
A8. Don’t stop taking risks. The attitude of risk differentiates you from all others! #BizChatsChandresh Bhardwaj
A8: Seek support when you’re overwhelmed or feel like you’re stuck. People want to help other people – it’s human instinct. #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
A8. If failure humbled you, then its ultimately a good thing. It will teach you to let more love in. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
No one can produce great things who is not thoroughly sincere in dealing with failure @mashbusiness: #BizChatsLolly Daskal
A8. Even if you failed, if you handle the failure well then people will respect you for having tried. #BizChatsMarianne Williamson
Closing Comments:
@mashbusiness Thank YOU!! Had a blast:) Hope to join you again!! #BizChatsChelsea Krost
@mashbusiness thank you and everyone for giving your input and advice – Twitter chats are fun, and this was helpful too! #bizchatsAnnaliese Henwood
@mashbusiness My first #BizChats. Thanks for hosting. Awesome discussion and community.Stephen Zakur
There are some supremely intelligent people sharing wisdom in #BizChats today. Whew!Joynicole Martinez
@mashbusiness thank u for the great Twitter chat! So happy I was able to get in on it! #BizChatsKaren Litzy
This #BizChats are so good and empowering! Thought you’d like to read some @jmbastardo Sanchez
@mashbusiness Stay curious & well-informed, find positive counterparts and encourage each other on the pathway to success! #BizChatsThe Boss.
@mashbusiness another great chat and an important topic. Thanks. Until next time. #BizChatsSamina Sultana
It was such a joy ride & honor! Thank you @mashbusiness for having me! Hugs! Bhardwaj
Thank you @mashbusiness for a fantastic #BizChats today!HotSchedulesRCT
It’s always my pleasure, @mashbusiness #BizChats is high on my Wednesday must-do list! Martinez

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