How “The Fat Kid” In High School Got Ripped To Become Hugh Jackman’s Stunt Double

High school is an awkward period in most of our lives. We are given arbitrary labels and nicknames that usually have no correlation to the person we end up becoming. After all, as teenagers, we’re still in the process of observing ourselves and, more often than not, our priorities change.

Most of us have people that we look up to, and our idols can play a significant role in influencing our life choices. But the people we admire weren’t always the brilliant people that we’ve come to know and love. In fact, some of them are altogether unrecognizable earlier in life. Hugh Jackman’s stunt double was dubbed “the fat kid” in high school, but he now doubles as one of the world’s most attractive humen. Eddie Davenport has built an incredibly successful career on the back of his physique- functioning as a model, actor, and a man who severely puts his body through its paces. But there was a day when he was so self-conscious that he couldn’t bear to stand in front of the camera. He is pictured below in one of a few photograph that he allowed to be taken in his younger days. Davenport’s problems with his weight stemmed from the fact that his diet centered around “whatever was cheapest”, even though his mother was working three tasks to support him. Because he was overweight, he was bullied at school. Appearing back on this difficult period in their own lives the 35 -year-old stuntman said that he wishes he could tell his younger self that “[ someday ], your inside will be reflected on your outside, and you will be exactly who you want to be.” In an interview with Men’s Health , Davenport said that in high school the girls he wanted to date would often say, “He’s nice and funny, but I don’t want to date the fat kid.” So, when he went to college, he decided to change their own lives for the better. “My sister knew I had free time so she asked me,’ What do you want to do for you? ’, ” he explained. “And I said,’ I don’t want to be fat anymore.’” To help Davenport change his body and his life, his sister recommended a volume called Body For Life by Bill Phillips. He was so enthused by its content that he read it in one night, and he and his sister vowed to follow the diet and exercise regimen recommended. “I remember get so excited, ” he said, “because now I had proof that I could do it.” However, Davenport clearly realized that balance is important in all aspects of life and allowed himself a defraud day once a week. “I would be in the Taco Bell drive-thru Saturday night at 11:58 p.m ., and as soon as it hit midnight, I’d buy Taco Bell. After my Taco Bell, I’d go home, go to bed. Then I’d wake up, and if I wanted to eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’d do it.” To help achieve the severely impressive body pictured here, Davenport alternated between weight-training and cardio days which caused him to fell from 230 to 178 lbs in just four months. However, his transformation wasn’t complete yet. Once he’d graduated from college, Davenport tried to break into the movie business, but he realized that his body wasn’t good enough to get him in the door. That’s when he saw performer Ryan Reynolds on a publication encompas and realized they had a similar body kind. “I looked at what he feed and what workouts he did, and tried to follow that, ” Davenport said. “In the issue, he said he did ab exercises first because it was meditative. I started doing that, too, and to this day, I still do my ab exercises before I start a workout. It really is meditative.” Devenport subsequently cut down on his defraud days and tried to gain weight, but this time, he wanted muscle. The 35 -year-old’s weight now varies between 190 and 195 lbs. After completing the final part of his fitness transformation, he tried out for the role of a stuntman, and it wasn’t long before he landed his first undertaking working on a few “robot scenes”. Little did he know then, but he’d actually been hired as Hugh Jackman’s stunt double in the movie Real Steel . Producers were apparently impressed by Davenport’s performance in Real Steel ( 2011 ), and he went on to be Jackman’s stunt double in a number of other productions including its recent superhero movie Logan , which was released in March of this year. “It’s all about your mindset, ” Davenport said. “You need to figure out exactly what it is you want it to be and always keep that in your mind. And remember that the process takes time, so don’t get discouraged when you aren’t watching any results. Just trust the process and stick to it.” No one can deny that getting Wolverine’s body is no entail accomplishment, but check out this video which details how you can get the superhero’s hair: If you can’t get enough of Davenport, why not follow him on Instagram? Hopefully, his journey will inspire others to achieve their fitness goals.

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