‘Homeland’ actress: Iran, free incarcerated British-Iranian mother

( CNN ) Once, I hoped to return to Iran. Like Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe , the woman who now sits in an Iranian incarcerate, I longed to visit family, friends, the land of my birth. Her arrest last month, the most recent in a string of arrests of dual nationals seduced back to Iran, has thrown cold water on my hopes, for now. The oppressors, for the moment, have won.


Zaghari-Ratcliffe has been imprisoned for over six weeks or so, without charge and without access to a lawyer. She was only recently moved out of solitary confinement, into a communal cell, and was able to see her daughter for the first time merely after more than five weeks and merely after her husband started a petition calling for her release that was quickly signed by over 600,000 people .
Unless she is promptly charged with a recognizable criminal offense based on true public evidence, she should be taken immediately. So, too, the other dual nationals held in Iran on baseless ground, as well as all the other prisoners unjustly incarcerated in politicized prosecutions .
As the Islamic Republic seeks to normalize its relationships with the world, let the global community state clearly that these detentions are not lawful or acceptable. The international community must speak out loudly and with one voice against this injustice. If Iran wants to stand among the community of nations as something other than a pariah, these seizures must stop .