Here Are 3 Subtle Ways Couples Are Including Marijuana In Their Weddings

We’ve all attended at least one yawn-worthy, cash-bar, stuck-up, no-fun marriage. Clearly, the best festivities of love are the ones that are cold, low-key and genuinely reflect the personalities of the couple involved rather than the amount of money their families can throw down.

The focus on low-key, fun ceremonies also reflects a greater interest in personalization. Signature wedding cocktails and colors, quirky cakes and hand-crafted favors all reflect the new idea that a bridal says something about the couple, their shared aesthetic, pastimes and enthusiasms.

And, let’s face it. In 2016, especially for many couples in states where marijuana has been decriminalize, cannabis is part of that narrative.

While a cannabis marriage would’ve been unthinkable just a few short years ago , now it’s not only possible to incorporate cannabis into your nuptials, but a bona fide tendency. Here are three non-cheesy ways to construct weed a part of your wedding.

The Decor

While nobody( ok, maybe a few people) wants to see a tie-dyed, pot-leaf-themed wedding, a cheeky nod to the couple’s love of green in the form of bouquets and floral arrangements is on the rise in legal states.

Companies like Bud and Blossoms specialize in professional floral arrangings that incorporate cannabis, as long as it’s bought from a dispensary. Some brides are even dreaming up centerpieces that include marijuanas as the greenery. After dinner, guests can help themselves. Best check this one out with your venue in advance.

The Party Favors

What party-minded guest wouldn’t get a kicking from a swag purse including acute mini-J rolled in gold papers?

What about a luxe box of infused trufflesor French macarons? If you’re looking for a less obvious, or potentially dangerous-for-unsuspecting-recipients favor, opt for something that has both marijuanas and non-marijuana utilizes like a keepsake candy jar, which can be re-purposed to hold flower. Personalized candies can satisfy the post-wedding munchies.


Isn’t this the most important part?

Just like the decision to have an open bar, or which signature cocktails you want to keep flowing into the wee hours, stimulating sure guests know the reception is cannabis-friendly can go a long way toward inducing sure everyone feels comfortable.

Be courteous to relatives and friends who don’t partake by clearly designating smoking and non-smoking areas. Depending on the venue, a luxurious Lotus Belle tent with some throw pillows inside can be a perfect hookah haven for the 420 crowd.

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