Help! 11 tips to get kids to eat healthy

( CNN) Ask any mother about the top challenges of raising children, and getting them to eat healthy would probably be high on the list. Countless parents have kids who merely want to eat chicken nuggets, or pasta, or macaroni and cheese, or all of the above, and definitely without any vegetables.

It’s a problem throughout the year, but at back-to-school day, it gets maybe a tad more stressful, as mothers are looking to start over or at least give their children lunches that pack a healthy punch and won’t get traded away for Oreos or some other sugary snack.

So what’s a parent to do? First, don’t stress — we reached out to parents across the country, including a few experts on healthy eating for children, and they had a ton of great advice. We’ve boiled down their insights into 11 great tips that are sure to make healthy feeing in your household a little less complicated, beginning with what not to do: