‘Hair Nah’ video game induces fun of white people who try to touch Black women’s hair

You’d think, at this phase, it would be such a known cliche that it wouldn’t happen, but white people are still touching Black women’s hair without permission.

That’s why Momo Pixel, an art director and pixel decorator for Wieden+ Kennedy in Portland, created” Hair Nah ,” which turns the frustration of being touched by a stranger into a hilarious video game.

In the game, you play a black women named Avea. You’re innocently trying to take a trip, but you’re waylaid at every point–from the cab, to the airport, to the plane–by white people trying to touch your hair.

You begin by customizing your avatar, selecting a skin tone and hairstyle.

Screengrab via Hair Nah

You’re then given a choice of destination. After that, you use the arrow keys or the mouse to fend off the wave of hands that try and touch your head. Throughout video games, you’re dedicated encouraging messages to help you along.

screengrab via Hair Nah

Pixel told CNN she came up with the idea for the game after trying to describe to her boss what is was like when people are constantly trying to touch your hair. When her boss mimed what he thought it would be like, she realized it would make for a hilarious game.

” He was dodging and ducking. He seemed so silly ,” Pixel said.

The game has quickly run viral and Twitter can’t stop praising it.

Although the game is funny, Pixel hopes people learn something from it. If you make it to your final destination( which isn’t easy, it’s actually a fairly hard game) you’re greeted with a message that says:” The game is over but the experience isn’t. This is a matter black girls face daily. So a note to those who do it,’ stop that shit.'”

Pixel says a version for black men, who also face this issue, is on the way.


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