Ellen Page Accuses Brett Ratner Of Homophobic, Misogynistic Behavior While Filming X-Men 3 — And Details Her Own Sex Assault — In Powerful Essay

While we’ve heard worse allegations about the director over the past few days, Ellen’s account of his behavior on the set of X3: The Last Stand is no less disgusting. She writes 😛 TAGEND

“He ‘outed’ me with no consider for my well-being, an act we all recognise as homophobic. I proceeded to watch him on set say degrading things to women. I remember a woman walking by the monitor as he made a comment about her ‘flappy pussy’.”

Ick. Sadly this isn’t the worst Ellen had suffered, even at such a young age. When she was 16, she says, she was harassed, preyed on, and sexually assaulted:

“When I was sixteen a director took me to dinner( a professional obligation and a very common one ). He fondled my leg under the table and said, ‘You have to induce the move, I can’t.’ I did not attain the move and I was fortunate to get away from that situation. It was a painful realization: my security was not insured at work. An adult authority figure for whom I worked are aiming to exploit me, physically. I was sexually assaulted by a grip months ago. I was asked by a director to sleep with a man in his late twenties and to tell them about it. I did not. This is just what happened during my sixteenth year, a teen in the entertainment industry.”


In her essay, Ellen talks not only of her personal experience but of the bigger picture, of what needs to change in Hollywood, Washington, and everywhere else.

It’s an inspiring read, and we highly recommend checking out the entire thing( below ):

[ Image via 20th Century Fox/ Dennis Van Tine/ Future Image/ WENN .]

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