Dutch Cyclist Suffers Horrific Crash While Resulting Race At Rio Olympics

Annemiek van Vleuten was in the lead during her race at the Rio Olympics on Sunday, and then misfortunestruck.

While rounding out for a turn on a decline, theDutch cyclist suffered a scary and sudden accident, which insured her flip off of her motorcycle and land awkwardly onto the ground.

A user on Twitter captured the graphic scene of the crash.

NBC’s live coverage spoke volumes on just how worry of a scene the crash was.

Commentators were audibly shaken, andas the camera shifted between otherriders and back to van Vleuten, the injured cyclist was shown motionless asmedical personnel operated toward her.

There was ample reason to fear the worst.

And, some spectators and media members posted messages of anxiety and annoyance at they awaited news on the cyclist.

Since the accident, however, multiple journalists have reportedthat van Vleuten is conscious, talking and “OK.”

Butnow the safety of the course has come under fire.

Just a day earlier, Italian cyclistVincenzo Nibali broke hiscollarbone in two places while heading down a similar deterioration during an Olympic race in Rio.

Now many are hoping the course hasn’t caused another horrific injury.

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