Drinking White Wine Is F*cking Up Your Skin

Is it just me or are weeks where you have to go to work be a functioning human really fucking hard? Just me? K. We all have our vices for coping with work week stresses. Some people have over-priced exercise classes and the cat they bought to mask their loneliness. Other people take tequila shots and Snapchat their ex at 10pm on a Tuesday night. Nobodys perfect. I, for one, lean on wine to get me through the good and the bad times. Specifically, white wine, because apparently when I unwind watch and judge the downfall of Alison Dilaurentis I need to feel like a real housewife of Orange County. Know yourself. But now I cant even have six glasses a glass of wine anymore because this just in: white wine is allegedly the culprit behind your newly formed skin disease, rosacea.

Once again, dermatologists are trying to sabotage our happiness. First they came for our margaritas by spouting some bullshit about our favorite darty beverage giving us skin rashes and now theyre trying to take away my will to live white wine by spreading vicious rumors which I AM SURE are fake news. And if these rumors prove true then all I have to say is welcome to your tape,

If the panic hasnt set in yet its probs because you have no clue what rosacea is, so buckle the fuck up because youre in for a rude awakening. Rosacea is not, in fact, an STI (dont lie, one of you was thinking it); but rather, a skin disease that causes redness and flushing on the face and neck. Which didnt sound that bad until I typed rosacea into Google and discovered that it can also cause face swelling, acne-like breakouts, bumpy skin, and swollen eyelids. And the hits just keep on coming.

The study thats trying to ruin my life proved a direct link between white wine consumption and rosacea. The data was collected from more than 82,000 female nurses and found that women who consumed one to three glasses of white wine a month had a 14% increase in the risk of developing the skin condition. And just in case you werent already feeling personally victimized, they went on to say that those who drank five or more glasses a week upped this chance by 49%. *Internally screaming*

Im sorry, what?? Lets think about this for a moment. Five glasses of wine A WEEK can up your chances of getting a skin disease by practically 50%?? Thats like one relatively tame Saturday night or, conversely, my Tuesday night writing this article. And thats all it takes for me to ruin my skin?

Also what do we really know about these nurses, hmmm? We all know that nurses are just a bunch of nicegirls who want us to drink more water and exercise and take care of ourselves. I dont trust it. 

So, let me get this straight, if I want to avoid developing a lifelong skin disease I either need to listen to facts given by medical professionals or the feeling in my heart? Now I know what Sophie must have felt when she made her choice.

And if youre thinking, fuck, its already too late because I drink enough white wine to rival a middle-aged carpool mom then doctors recommend that you invest in some Rhofade, a new prescription cream that will make you look less like Bridget Jones during a life crisis and more like a CW star in her prime. The other alternative is to, like, give up Pinot Grigio but unless you want me to pull a sick passenger in all my daily obligations then thats a hard pass from me. Sorry.

Can we all just blame the for this one? Like enough is enough, people. You already took my margs and I really dont want to know how Ill cope without my Chardonnay. I for one would really like to be excluded from this narrative, please. Thx.

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