Christian Mom Threatened& Attacked for Posting Scenes of Stillborn Speaks Out

A young mom who delivered her stillborn son at merely 14 weeks pregnant last month has received extreme backlash and hateful remarks in responseto photos she posted of her “perfectly formed” son.

As Faithit previously reported, Felicia Cash was at home on July 24 when she experienced pain and bleeding.

It was merely a matter of 10 minutes before she delivered her son, Japeth Peace, at merely 14 weeks, six days gestation.

Amazed by how well-formed he was, Felicia took to Facebook to show how “very obviously human” Japeth was, even that early on in the process.


“He is perfectly and wonderfully formed, right down to his amazing tiny toes and fingers, ” she writes. “Even his fingernails are formed and visible. Tiny veins that carried his own blood to his precious body can be seen through his delicate skin, even his wonderfully formed muscles are visible. At less than half gestation he is very obviously human , not a cluster of cells , not a lump of tissue , not a blob of unformed flesh. He is a beautiful child, formed by God, and now gone to be with Him.”

Felicia shared some raw, intimate photos of her son, with a plea for those who justify or rationalize abortion:


“If you are considering abortion, please take time to find the truth and reconsider. This is not an effort to shame, belittle or denounce anyone in any way. It is the plea of a woman who just lost her child for you to at the least consider other options.”

In the nearly 2 week since first sharing the photos, Felicia’s post has been met with supporting, kudo, criticism and vulgarity.

A plethora of mourning mothers have connected with Felicia’s heartache, and related to her in their heartache. While others have had less-than-kind things to say to the mother about the appearance and life of her son.

“Some of specific comments have been very distressing, ” Felicia admitted in an interview with CBN 😛 TAGEND

“Some have been very cruel. There have been a number of cannibalistic comments, people talking about whether or not we would stimulate soup. There was also a cult group who took the pictures and posted them on their own personal page in order to build many similar comments and to degrade pre-born children and Christians. And then there have also been many threatening comments.”

Facebook even removed a number of her photos, deeming them “inappropriate.” Others were “censored” by the social media giant.


All the while my newsfeed is loaded with half-naked women and profanity the working day long. Go figure.

Beyond some of the more ridiculous attacks on her heartache and situation, Felicia has been trolled by vulgar groups who’ve indicated perfectly disgusting things about her baby boy.

The whole point of her post was to prove that he was in fact, human. He was perfect, and he was her son, and the brutality that has been launched at her is absolutely despicable.

Still this momma is not backing down. Her parent now manages the Facebook page where Felicia is posting photos, as to shield her from some of the horrible comments.

Even through all of the negativity, she’s received an outpouring of support. Hundreds, if not thousands, of mothers have been touched, or able to relate to Felicia’s grief. Others have sent messages asking if she’d be willing to share their baby’s story and photos.

Alexis Fretz

Japeth’s life mattered. Each of these babies’ lives mattered. She hopes that continuing to share these images and narratives would persuade women who are considering abortion to look at them. To think of their unborn newborn and realize that their tiny heart was beating before anyone knew the latter are growing.

She hopes the photos will cause others to stop and is understood that a child is a child , no matter what stage of pregnancy, and it’s “notto be taken lightly.”


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