Becca Tilley moves from ‘The Bachelor’ to YouTube

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AGOURA HILLS, CALIFORNIA Becca Tilley didn’t find love during her two seasons on The Bachelor .

But she did find her calling: documenting their own lives on camera.

The 28 -year-old on Monday launched her own YouTube channel, which is an extension of her existing lifestyle and travelling blog.

“One of the main reasons I love social media is because it is a route to depict my life through photos and snaps and tweets, ” Tilley told Mashable . “The funny moments, the riling moments and the truly cool moments. I wanted to start a vlog to bring people along in a way that felt like they are with me no matter what I’m doing.”

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But why now, months after Season 20 of The Bachelor has ended?

“There’s a fear that comes with doing anything new, ” Tilley said. “I feel like everyone can relate to that. Not knowing how people are going to respond when you branch out, but I figured that people seem to care what I am doing on my other social channels and now my mindset is ‘Why not, let’s try it! “

Her hope is to showcase all sides of herself the very best and the bad.

“I know it’s unbelievably hard to believe( based on my Instagram ), but sometimes I have bad days, ” she said. “I want it to be fun and funny and real. Chiefly, I want it to be real and true to who I am.”

Image: becca tilley

To celebrate the vlog launching, she threw a party at where else? the Bachelor Mansion in Agoura Hills. The event, while lowkey, depicted a lot of familiar faces, including former Bachelor contestant Chris Soules( Tilley was runner-up during Soules’ Season 19 ).

“I’m so proud of our daughter! ” JoJo Fletcher, the most recent Bachelorette, said during the party.

The mansion transformed into a real-life display of the topics Tilley plans to feature on her vlog, including travelling, lifestyle and beauty.

Each area had an activity for guests. There was a photobooth( the caption for images read “Betches love Becca Tilley” ), a massage station and table where guests could get an “essential oils reading.”

A big part of lifestyle vlogging is, of course, brand partnerships. Earlier this year, Tilley was one of the many celebrities both traditional and digital at BeautyCon L.A, an annual event where fans, creators, starrings and brands gather to celebrate beauty, style and style.

“Everyone I gratify is so kind and so willing to help and encourage, ” Tilley said. “Don’t even get me started on the brands! I have so many moments where I guess, ‘How is this my life? ‘ It’s actually, really cool.”

Tilley’s party featured brands that have plans to partner with Tilley or ABC’s The Bachelor , including Kendra Scott( which devoted guests jewelry) and Sugarfina( which handed out Bachelor -themed gummies ). Overall, Tilley hopes to bring her fans from other platforms including Instagram, where many Bachelor alums find huge followings after they’re off the display to her YouTube channel and blog.

“I have had so much assist navigating this new world, ” Tilley said. “It takes a village.[ I have] so much respect to people who have constructed this from the ground up. I had a built-in following from the reveal, so it’s humbled me a lot to realize how much work goes into this world.”

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