Artsy photo app Prisma now works with videos, too

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Prisma, the photo app that applies neural network magical to photos for a wide variety of artistic effects , now also works with 15 -second videos.

The company announced the change Thursday, saying the new feature merely works on iOS devices( Prisma is also available on Android ).

A total of nine styles are currently available for video, but Prisma claims the number will “soar weekly.” The styles are Candy, Cold fish, Paper Art, Illegal Beauty, Tokyo, Gothic, Curly Hair, The Scream and Roy.

For an example of how Prisma’s filters further strengthen a high-resolution video, check out the video above.

Video support was induced possible due to a recent change to Prisma’s algorithms, which now run locally, on the device itself, instead of on Prisma’s servers.

Image: Prisma

According to Prisma, processing day for videos will depend on the device; on an iPhone 7, it should take 30 seconds to process a 15 -second video, and the time will be approximately doubled on an iPhone 6S.

The video support is currently being marked as a beta feature; it should be coming to Android “in a couple of weeks.”

Prisma also plans to add GIF support “very soon.” Quality of the filters should be improved in the near future.

The iOS app is available for free on Apple’s App Store. Android version( sans video supporting) is available on Google Play.

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