All The Things You Thought Were Healthy In College That So Obviously Weren’t

Going off tocollege is an amazing experience.

However, every student knows living on campus can totally wreakhavoc on your healthy habits.

Between buffet-style dining halls, late night snacking conferences and bingedrinking on the reg, there are all sorts of things that will attain you pack on the pounds and gain the dreaded Freshman 15 if youre not careful.

We all did certain things during our glorious years as college student to ensure that we were following a somewhat healthy routine.

Whether it was get your daily dose of cardio by going out in heels, toning your limbs with got a couple of keg stand workouts on the weekends or cutting your calorie intake by opting for healthier beverages like Natty Light, we made all sorts of efforts to keep ourselves in top-notch physical condition.

But literally none of those things were actually healthy. They were the lesser of two evils.

But hey, we all seemed to make it through college without destroying our bodies, so I guess we must have been doing something right.

Here are some of the healthy things we all used to do during our college days that definitely were NOT healthy 😛 TAGEND

You guessed walking to the bar in heels counted as cardio.

You only ate healthy fast food, like burrito bowl from Chipotle.

You constructed healthy drinking choices by opting for light brew at frat parties

or skipped out on the calorie-packed brew and merely bingedon hard liquor.

You thought keg stands sufficed as a muscle-toning limb workout.

You guessed drinking sugar-free Red Bull was better for you than guzzling down endless cups of coffee.

You guessed chasing your vodka with orange juice counted as adding an extra serve of fruit to your diet.

You gotyour daily dosage of vitamins by downing bottles of Vitamin Water on the reg.

You guessed the olives on your supreme pizza entirely counted as feeing your vegetables.

You starved yourself during the day so you could drink more alcohol at night.

And you took breaks from partying by biding home from the bar one night out of the month( because one night was obviously enough time to heal your liver ).

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